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Friday, April 20, 2018

There's more than one way to abuse a child!

Jazz has serious problems including binge eating.
In my last post I referred to little Alfie Evans and the doctors' concerted effort to kill him by pulling his ventilator. But there are other ways to abuse and "kill" children. One of the worst is the politically correct way many are dealing with the illness of gender dysphoria. And, yes, it is an illness.

An endocrinologist evaluates I Am Jazz, the propaganda book for kids who have gender dysphoria. 

Dr. Michael Laidlaw provides a real service in analyzing one of the most popular books being pushed by transgender activists. He begins with an important point:

Children with gender dysphoria deserve our compassion and deserve to be treated with dignity and kindness, just like all other children. Their unique condition makes integrating in the school a challenge. Particularly when dealing with bathrooms and locker rooms, it would be advantageous for schools to have a comprehensive policy to address children with gender dysphoria.
Everyone deserves compassion, even the most evil person on the planet. Do you think there is anyone who is abandoned by God? He has his arms out on the cross in an invitation to all. Some will reject Him, but He never stops calling our name.

Dr. Laidlaw begins by pointing out the need to provide "medical facts about childhood gender dysphoria and adult transgenderism." Why? Because, he says,  "I believe that if we know the facts about this condition, we will be much more compassionate and understanding.... This will also help in dealing with the parents of children without gender dysphoria who have to explain to their children how to cope with this condition."

The truth is always empowering. Withholding the truth is the opposite. It creates confusion and fosters errors. When we're talking about medical issues, the results can be catastrophic! Laidlaw goes on to itemize the factual inaccuracies in I Am Jazz which fit the popular, politically correct view of transgender propaganda. They include:

  • using the term transgender which is not a diagnosis rather than the actual medical condition of gender dysphoria
  • promoting the "born that way" myth for which there is no medical evidence -- Identical twin studies dispute this claim. 
  • promoting the myth hat a girl's brain can be locked in a boy' body -- Every cell of the brain matches the DNA of the body whether an individual is a girl or a boy. "Jazz does not in fact have a 'girl brain.' He has a boy brain. It is his mind that is giving him the trouble. This is a psychological condition, rather than a biological one."
Dr. Laidlaw also describes the "troubling" omissions in the book. He mentions nine, but I'll only list a few that should give people pause. It is not a bright picture:
  • The authors fail to mention that Jazz suffers from depression.
  • The suicide rate of transgender individuals is alarmingly high.
  • There are a number of serious health risks associated with taking cross-sex hormones.
  • The mortality rate of those who identify as transgender is three times higher than that of the general population.
Patrick Mitchell wanted to change to a girl at 12.
He changed his mind at 14. Now he needs surgery
to remove the breasts he began developing.
We live in times when medicine has morphed from providing treatment to heal the physical and mental illnesses of individuals into a consumer-driven social engineering operation to make people happy by giving them whatever they think they want. And so some doctor will agree to be a hired hit man to kill an unwanted baby, another will be the "sawbones" who cuts off a healthy breast for a woman golfer or the leg of a person who "feels like an amputee", or this latest fad to mutilate bodies to match a persons "gender identity". It isn't just troubling; it's insane and wrong. And many who could have been helped to overcome their gender confusion live to pay the price.

Read Dr. Laidlaw's article and pray for the poor children who are modern science's sociological guinea pigs. And here's another doctor's opinion, a prominent psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph Berger:
“The proper treatment of emotional unhappiness is not surgery....[T]he so-called ‘confusion about their sexuality that a teenager or adult has is purely psychological."
If anything shows the derailing of our world, it's the transgender insanity. I always thought abortion was the bottom of the moral collapse, but the LGBTXYZ insanity is a real soul-killer. Let us commit to pray and fast for all those who are so deceived by the evil one. They need our love and acceptance as children of God made in His image and likeness, not the acceptance of their delusions and psychoses which are the poisoned fruit of the devil with his false promise of happiness.

Lord Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, have mercy on us.

Our Lady, help of the sick (and insane), pray for us.

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Wonderful article. I'm posting it on my page. Thank you, Mary Ann.