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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tom Evans Tells Supporters to Stand Down: Did Alder Hey refuse to discuss a home plan until he gave this press conference?

Tom Evans' statement sounds like it was written by the hospital. 

Is the family now under a gag order with the threat that Alfie will NEVER go home unless they agree to shut up and adopt the "end of life plan?" This announcement comes almost immediately after he discussed how badly they've been treated by the staff at Alder Hey. What a flip!

As the shroud of silence descends, it makes me think of Holy Thursday. "Judas went out; and it was night."

Please keep praying for Tom and Kate and baby Alfie. And pray for the people of the U.K. who live under this kind of medical tyranny. Alfie won't be its last victim!


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

We cannot stand down, for this goes beyond this one family. In effect, this is an attempt by the hospital to shut us up by holding the family hostage.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree. We need to keep talking about this and posting about it. The hospital and the judge no doubt believe they are the good guys and the parents are just unwilling to accept reality. But all that talk totally misses the point.

IT'S ABOUT WHO DECIDES! And the hospital and the judge can give their input BUT IT'S UP TO THE PARENTS TO DECIDE!

Susan said...

I fear Alder Hey may have hoodwinked Tom Evans into reading that letter. If the deal was "You read this letter and abide by what it says, then we'll let you take Alfie home," it's far more likely that they'll NEVER let the child out of their control, because Alfie might actually live, If Alder Hey releases him. And they certainly can't allow that to happen. They'd look like incompetent fools. They literally have no compassion at all.