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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quarantine Kmiec and CNS to protect the faithful from Cafeteria Catholic Swine Flu

Doug Kmiec has a disease - CCSF (Cafeteria Catholic Swine Flu). It's a problem frequently found in cafeteria Catholics. The symptoms are brain fever illustrated by inability to think clearly (effect on the brain is similar to Mad Cow Disease), frequent vomiting of heresy, and full body rashness. This is not a new disease. It was seen in the entire bench of Catholic bishops under King Henry VIII with the lone exception of St. John Fisher. He was immune, vaccinated by courage, holiness and fidelity to Catholic truth.

Unfortunately, many U.S. bishops appear to be infected with the disease. How else can one explain allowing their own communication mouthpiece, Catholic News Service (CNS), to spread CCSF through airborne transmission of Kmiec's sick views? Let him be a columnist for the National "Catholic" Reporter (NCR) which promotes abortion, same-sex marriage, and every other immoral liberal position. Most NCR readers already have advanced CCSF so Kmiec's virus wouldn't infect anyone new.

But let me back up.

Doug Kmiec is a columnist for CNS. Before he came out of the heretics' closet this made sense. But since his move to Obamaland, he has shown more and more signs of CCSF and is now a serious danger to average Catholics. He needs to be quarantined for his own sake and those in the pew who could also be infected by the virus.

The latest illustration of the advanced state of Kmiec's disease is a CNS column with the cumbersome title New ethically sensitive stem-cell guidance from the Obama administration. Kmiec says that Obama's position is stricter and more ethical than the Bush rules which is an outright lie. His mad claims were too much for Cardinal Justin Rigali, head of the bishops' pro-life office, who devoted his own CNS column to a reply. Here are key points made by the Cardinal

Law professor Douglas Kmiec states in an opinion piece distributed by Catholic News Service that the new policy is “ethically sensitive” and in important respects “more strict” than President George W. Bush’s policy that preceded it.

The truth is the opposite.

The policy issued by Bush in August 2001 allowed the federal government to fund research using embryonic stem cells only if the embryos had already been destroyed for these cells before the date of his policy announcement. Thus no researcher could destroy embryos in the future to qualify for federal stem-cell grants.

The new NIH guidelines are more sweeping, encouraging the destruction of new embryos, including those not yet conceived. While Kmiec says embryos will be donated using a “strict” process by which the parents give consent, that is surely broader than not allowing them to be donated for destruction at all.

Kmiec says the new guidelines are limited to embryos created for fertility treatment that “would have been discarded if not devoted to medical research.”

That is also not true.

Parents will be invited to consider donating their embryonic sons or daughters for research at the same time that they are considering whether to save them for their own later reproduction or donate them so another couple can have a baby. The new guidelines will encourage destruction of some embryonic human beings who could otherwise have lived and grown up to adulthood.

In key respects, these guidelines are broader than any proposed in the past for destructive embryonic stem-cell research by any president or Congress.

Through his executive order of March 2009, President Barack Obama also authorized the NIH to broaden the policy later, to include, for example, the use of stem cells from cloned embryos specially created for research. Tragically there is significant support in Congress for such further expansion as well, and pro-life Americans will be called upon to defeat such legislation.

Here Kmiec applauds Obama for taking “off the table” the option of “reproductive cloning.” But that only means cloned human embryos will be created solely for stem cells and other research uses, and not be allowed to survive and be born. That cannot be called a sensitive or pro-life policy.

Kmiec has illustrated over and over that he is a liar blinded by his support for Barack Obama. He is a mouthpiece for the George Soros funded Catholics United which puts him front and center in the Pharisee's seat. Soros is one of the most anti-Catholic rich men in the country who sinks a fortune into making the Church a harmless eunuch. That the bishops assist this castration by allowing CNS to pass on Kmiec's infected views is shameful and must be stopped. Heresy has no place in a Catholic newspaper or news service except to expose it and teach the truth. Cardinal Rigali has done a good job at correcting Kmiec's errors, but they should not have appeared in CNS in the first place. It's high time CNS was either cleaned up or closed down!

Please contact your local bishop asking him to ban CNS from his diocesan newspaper. There are several good options. My own favorite is Catholic World News headed by eminent Catholic layman, Phillip Lawler.

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Anonymous said...

Diocesan newspapers and readers may approach Catholic News Agency for reliable content that is entirely faithful to the Magisterium.

In fact, I will give you a heads-up... Look for a CNA piece next week that will confront the activities of CNS head on.