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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Real ID is a Real Violation of Your Privacy!

Tomorrow in my state (Virginia) the General Assembly will either support Governor Tim Kaine's duplicity on Real ID or they will stand up and say NO! The Gov. added an amendment to legislation (SB 1046) which will put Virginia in compliance with Real ID. His action will overturn a law passed earlier this session (Bob Marshall's Stop Dangerous ID bill, HB 1587). The reason is that what legislators approve at the end of the session takes precendence over bills passed earlier. But Kaine's politico "sneak" just mimics the way Dangerous ID was passed in Congress in the first place. Real ID was never openly debated. It was attached to a supplemental bill for the Iraq War and tsunami relief. The lemmings in Congress (except Ron Paul) voted for the bill despite this dangerous provision. It has no legitimacy since there was no review, no debate, and no input from citizens. Talk about a Big Brother coup! Is this what we call "governmnet by the people?"

If you are from Virginia tell your legislators to vote no tomorrow on Kaine's amendment. If you live in another state find out what the status of Real ID is and fight. Love liberty or lose it! (Photo from the Hartford Courant, Oct. 30, 2001)

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

After posting this I got a message from the Virginia Campaign for Liberty that included a little more information.

"The Governor's surprise amendments come shortly after he signed HB 1587 (Marshall)/SB 1431 (Cuccinelli), an anti-Real ID law that prevents the state from complying with any aspect of the Real ID Act that compromises the financial or biometric privacy rights of Virginia's citizens.

"The Virginia General Assembly will vote on the Governor's amendments to SB 1046 on Wednesday, April 8, during its 'veto session'...

"You may want to remind them that they passed SB 1046 on a 38-2 vote in the Senate and 84-16 in the House."