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Thursday, April 2, 2009

When the Population Tyrants Rule the World

Remember part two of Poltergeist when the little girl is watching TV and says, "They're baaaack." Well, I thought the population tyrants went out with the discredited Paul Ehrlich book, The Population Bomb. But since Obama's election they are back in force and running full throttle. They attempt to mask their population control agenda with language about empowering women. Hillary Clinton has the lingo down pat. She recently told a group of Planned Parenthood donors in Houston, “I want to assure you that reproductive rights and the umbrella issue of women's rights and empowerment will be a key to the foreign policy of this Administration." [Take note all you Catholics who voted for these folks.]

In Clinton's vocabulary "empowerment" means women having the same ability as men have always had to sow their wild oats without consequence. That means, of course, they need the right to exercise their "empowerment" over tiny babies by ripping them limb from limb or using chemical weapons of mass destruction to carry out a scorched womb policy. It makes moms the biggest bullies on the block except for men who love empowering their pregnant girlfriends by dragging them into abortuaries for coerced abortions. Bully the women, kill the kids.

Abortion sure takes irresponsible men off the hook. It's the greatest boon to male chauvinist pigs since prostitution and cheaper to boot. You can have your live-in unpaid sex worker and all you need to pay for is an abortion now and then. Of course, Hillary knows all about male chauvinist pigs having lived in close contact with one for years. [I thank God for honorable men who love their wives and families and serve them like Christ serves the Church. He gave His life for her.]

Clinton went on to say, “I believe that women's rights and empowerment is an indispensible ingredient of smart power and therefore is integrated into our renewed emphasis on diplomacy and development...and I was very proud when President Obama repealed the Mexico City policy. As a result, nongovernmental organizations overseas can once again use U.S. funding to provide the full range of family planning services so that women and their families can get access to the healthcare that they need.” The crowd at Murder Inc. went wild. Too few minority babies have been getting the axe undermining PP's eugenic goals. Although most of their facilities in this country are located in the inner city, they missed access to minorities in the third world. Now they can go after those little black and brown babies with a vengeance, call it "health care," and rake in buckets of tax money too. It's definitely a win-win-win situation.

What the third world really needs is anti-diarrhea medicine, antibiotics, and clean water; but those problems are really pluses to the population gurus. So stack the shelves with suction machines and the morning after pill and let nature take its course with disease. It's an efficient way to achieve the Obama/Clinton population goals. You might call it a collateral loss; but Hillary would probably call it a collateral gain. Doesn't cost anything and takes a heavy toll on the old and the young - the "useless eaters."

Clinton also announced to the PP moguls that the U.S. will promote abortion through the U.N. "We are going to fund a contribution of $50 million this fiscal year. That's a 130 percent increase over our last contribution, which was made in 2001." She said Congress had also approved the "administration's request for $545 million in bilateral assistance for family planning and reproductive health programs this year.” The term "reproductive health" is codespeak for abortion, especially at the U.N. which continually tries to get it written into treaties and protocols to mandate abortion.

One of Clinton's most bizarre comments was to claim that offering more family planning options would reduce infant mortality. Only someone like Hillary, a professional liar, could say that killing babies through abortion reduces infant mortality. What a woman! Kill 'em often and early and you won't have to worry about them dying after birth.

In today's Gospel Jesus confronts the Jews who are trying to kill Him. He chastises them for claiming the God of Abraham while they "do not know him." He also says if He imitated them He would be a liar like they are. They respond by picking up stones to kill Him, but he walks away It is not His hour and He is in complete control.

This evil administration claims God, but they do not know Him. Pray for Hillary Clinton and the Obama team that is so religiously committed to the culture of death and the murder of the innocent. They are doing the work of the Father of Lies. But God remembers His covenant forever and will be faithful to His people.

Have you prayed your rosary today?

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