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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bishop D'Arcy corrects Fr. Jenkins

As the scandal at Notre Dame continues, Fr. John Jenkins just digs himself a deeper and deeper hole. Over 300,000 concerned faithful have signed the petition at the Cardinal Newman Society website calling for revocation of the invitation to President Obama. That he is being given an honorary Law Degree is especially scandalous in view of his promoting laws that directly attack the innocent unborn. Isn't that like giving an honorary degree to a member of the KKK who supported enslavement of black Americans?

Bishop John D'Arcy, under whose jurisdiction Notre Dame is located, issued a stinging rebuke correcting and clarifying Fr. Jenkins' scandalous words. Let us pray he takes the bishop's words to heart. Up to now he's given the the verbal equivalent of the single digit salute to his critics. But no one is beyond the reach of prayer, so I urge readers to offer the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for this university president who appears to care more for the opinion of the world's high and mighty than for the Master he was ordained to serve.

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