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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wake up!

Spitzenpopper just pointed me to a great blog called Old Jarhead written by a Vietnam Vet named Robert Hall. His blog post "I'm Tired" has been all over the internet and I'm sure lots of people can identify with the views he expresses there. Sick and tired might be more accurate.

I'm tired too. I'm especially tired of fighting with people who should be on our side: Catholics who prefer eating cafeteria style to eating at the rich banquet of doctrinal truth, of a hierarchy apparently more interested in protecting the institution than the flock, of so-called Catholic schools that feature "queer" film festivals, heretical speakers, and snide attacks on those who object. I'm tired of milquetoast, feel-good homilies that portray God as the King of Candyland and CCD programs modeled on coloring activity books.

So I'm rebelling. I will not be a mindless pew sitter quietly cooperating with the pay, pray, and obey mentality. I will spend every day studying the faith and I will share it with my children and grandchildren and anyone else who will listen. I will urge the laity to act like grownups by taking responsibility for their own faith development. If you don't have a Catechism of the Catholic Church on your bookshelf, get one. And read it. If you have a grandchild being baptized, study the section on baptism. Ditto for first Communion and Confirmation. If you've rejected Humanae Vitae without ever reading it I challenge you to study it. Pope Paul VI was a prophet.

A great way to fight fatique is to exercise - so let's all exercise those Catholic brain cells. That's fundamental. From there we can be salt and light to our poor country which is rapidly losing its soul.

Wake up! There's no time to be tired. You're a soldier in the Army of Christ fighting for the faith, not a community organizer collecting dead men's votes.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this thread - our times in a nutshell! Too bad we can't buy a half-page in the Herald and put it in verbatim.
God bless you & yours!