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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Of Witch Doctors and Abortion Regulation

While Chuck Robb was governor of Virginia (1982-1986) he eliminated regulation of abortion facilities which were, at the time, under the scrutiny of the Virginia Department of Health. Liberals talk a lot about "safe" abortions, but they're always first in line to make sure that abortionists enjoy free rein. Wouldn't want to hamstring them with the same kind of regulations that apply to other free standing surgical clinics: like cleanliness, hiring only licensed personnel, having basic equipment on hand to deal with complications, etc. 

Well, thanks be to God,  things are changing in Virginia. On August 20th Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli responded to an inquiry by State Delegate Bob Marshall whether the state has the authority to regulate abortion during the first trimester when most abortions are performed. The AG's opinon is yes. You can read it here.  This seems like a no-brainer. Abortion is a serious surgical procedure. Why should abortionists be exempt from regulation? Here's part of what Cuccinelli wrote:
For all hospitals, Virginia law requires minimum standards for their construction, maintenance, operation, staffing and equipping of hospitals. Institutions licensed as outpatient surgical hospitals, including those providing abortion services, are subject to the specific provisions of Part IV of the Board's Regulations for the Licensure of Hospitals in Virginia." Licensure requirements inr:lude disclosure of ownership,'' inclusion of certain provisions in policy and procedure manuals," requisites for medical and nursing staffing, ensuring availability of sterile supplies, maintenance of accurate medical records, and provision of emergency plans and services," among others. In addition to these conditions, such facilities in which abortions are performed must also furnish records of abortion to the Division of Vital Records within ten days, ensure the diagnosis of pregnancy is made by the physician performing the abortion, and offer each patient counseling and instruction in the abortion procedure and birth control methods.
Does any of this sound unreasonable? Why would an abortion facility be exempt from these common sense regulatory procedures? The reason, of course, is that abortion is not primarily a medical procedure in the minds of liberals -- it's a religious sacrament. If you think of the abortionist as an Aztec priest you'll have the picture about right. And since when are witch doctors regulated? That so-called feminists consistently oppose any regulation of abortion just show how little they care about women. It's never been about choice -- only about choosing abortion.

For Delegate Marshall's statement about the decision, listen here.

Marshall issued a press release saying, "I have asked that Governor McDonnell issue regulations identical to those approved by the Fourth Federal Circuit Court in Richmond upholding South Carolina's medical and safety regulations for first trimester abortion providers as referenced by the Attorney General in his opinion."

A big thanks to Bob Marshall, a true pro-life hero. He cares deeply about unborn babies, but also about their mothers who should not be prey to unscrupulous abortionists (redundant) who are often the bottom feeders of the medical profession. If you can't do real medicine, you can always butcher babies AND their mothers, like Steve Brigham. Safe and legal abortion is a myth. Ask the women of Silent No More about the aftermath of abortion : physical complications, emotional pain, despair, suicide attempts, etc. Pray for their healing.

Bob Marshall sent the following letter to Governor McDonnell requesting regulation of abortion facilities. Join the fight by sending an e-mail to the governor asking him to protect women.

The Honorable Robert F. McDonnell
Office of the Governor
Patrick Henry Building
1111 E. Broad Street, 3rd Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
[Via E-mail]

Dear Governor McDonnell:
I would like to request that you implement the abortion clinic regulations available to the Commonwealth under the Attorney General’s opinion issued August 20, 2010 which I requested which states in part, “the Commonwealth has the authority to promulgate regulations for facilities in which first trimester abortions are performed, as well as for providers of first trimester abortions, so long as the regulations adhere to constitutional limitations.”

I urge you to craft clinic regulations to meet the limitations set out in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals 2002 decision in the Greenville Women's Clinic v. Commissioner, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control case (see attached).

Virginia previously regulated abortion clinics under our inherent health, safety and welfare powers. I hope that you will do what you can to ensure that the women of Virginia are protected from dangers such as out of state physicians whose licenses are suspended or revoked elsewhere or not having hospital admission privileges in Virginia and, sending women to hospitals in private vehicles and other unsafe conditions which compromise public health that occur at some abortion clinics in Virginia.
Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions please contact me on my cell phone at (703) 853-4213.

Delegate Bob Marshall


Anonymous said...

The ex director of the largest abortion clinic in Texas is now a pro-life advocate. She declares that it is common practice to give high school and college students defective condoms so that pregnancies will occur and many abortions follow. This keeps the clinics in business. What an admission! Not to mention that even NOW admits that 90% of women's cancer, and heart disease (strokes) comes from the use of contraceptives. This should be shouted from the pulpit!

Viagra is acknowledged to kill hundreds, and perhaps thousands of men yearly, with heart attacks. And now several companies are advertizing a woman's version. How many will that kill? How many people are prepared to die like that?

+Deacon Joe Benin

Dentists Spartanburg said...

Deacon Joe, that is awful to read. Defective condoms on purpose???