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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chicago CCHD working for real reform

Life Site News reports that the Chicago branch of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is making real strides in cleaning up the organization. Because of changes in the way they administer the program, including letting people in the pew designate whether their money stays in Chicago, 50% of the collection is now going to local efforts including pro-life groups.

Congratulations to Rey Flores, Chicago's director, for his honest commitment to serving the poor instead of local community organizers. If you live in Chicago, give Rey a call and commit your CCHD donation to local efforts. If you don't live in Chicago let the collection basket pass you by. Most dioceses cooperate with evil by funding organizations that advance liberalism, even abortion and contraception. The scandal is on-going in some dioceses. So be on guard.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Those NOT in Chicago might want to drop a note in that basket explaining why they won't give, and exhorting them to follow Chicago's example. I plan to draft some templates and post them to my blog so that people can use them if they wish.

Anonymous said...

Also, for those who have a heart for the poor and want to support CCHD's anti-poverty work but are unsure of where there money is going I encourage you, no matter what diocese you are from, to send your donations to Chicago to support the honest work that is being done and also to send a message to your own diocese that they want everyone to follow Chicago's lead. Director, Rey Flores has done an incredible job in getting the campaign back on track in following its truly Catholic mission, if we truly want to break the cycle of poverty and restore human dignity at all levels I encourage you to support Chicago CCHD's work and encourage others to follow.