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Monday, August 2, 2010

Why Should This Surprise Anyone?

This AP story reports that many are horrified over what this woman did? Why? The babies were unwanted. Doesn't she have self determination. And her method of post natal abortion is a lot more compassionate that pulling a baby out feet first, stabbing him in the neck with a scissors, and sucking out his brain or burning his skin off with saline solution.

 Hey, this woman was just pro-choice and her choice was no babies. The natural development of the abortion mentality is infanticide and we've been moving that way for years. Why should anyone be surprised and horrified (except for those pathetic pro-lifers who are always waving the bloody fetus) when it actually happens? There's not much difference between the full term baby and the little ones shown in the trash bag. Maybe her lawyer should try to get the charge changed to performing an illegal post natal abortion.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, what's the big fuss here? A delayed abortion...better late than never...right? I bet they're going to get her for not paying the licensing fees for child-murder. Caesar wants his cut. Or, maybe the improper disposal of biological wastes. Who does this woman think she is?...Planned Parenthood