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Friday, August 13, 2010

Is Another Roe v. Wade Coming? This Time on "Gay" Marriage?

The writing is on the wall as they say. The California ruling declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional, made by a reportedly homosexual judge (Is any media asking why he didn't recuse himself?), is moving us toward the next national abomination: overturning all state laws against same-sex marriage. Most states, by the way, have laws on the books defining marriage between a man and a woman, just as they had laws outlawing abortion before Roe v. Wade cast them all to the whirlwind.

The decision was so obviously biased that any right-thinking person must see it. Unfortunately, right-thinking is rare these days and in the world of homo-correctness any argument to overturn reason will do. The national motto, for all practical purposes, is I'm okay, you're okay.

Judge Vaughn Walker says that the Constitution guarantees the equality of heterosexual and homosexual marriage. In other words, they are the same before the law. Such a ruling is ridiculous on its face. If it were true, it wouldn't matter to a society whether people chose one or the other. But, in fact, if everyone, or even a majority of citizens, chose same-sex marriage it would mean the death of the society. How does sodomy advance the common good which is the purpose of the law?

On the other hand, if technology can give us cloned children and petri-dish children nurtured in an artificial womb, who needs babies arriving in the "normal" way. We will be in the utopia depicted in Brave New World where children are conceived in test-tubes, "nurtured" in state institutions, and channeled into their future roles through behavior modification. They will be kept happy and in-line with the drug Soma, orgies, and mind-deadening entertainment (the feelies).

We're already getting close to that "reality." We look like Brave New World with our focus on films and "reality" shows, drugs like Prozac and tranquilizers to reduce emotional pain and anxiety. There's our sanctification of sterility with the priesthood of Planned Parenthood dispensing its sacraments to ensure the lack of fruit in the womb while it chants "choice, choice, choice... tolerance, tolerance, tolerance."

This latest ruling will likely wend its way to the Supreme Court. If Obama names one more justice (What a name for those who have dispensed injustice and insanity from the bench), the outcome will likely enshrine same sex sodomy in the law.  And our transformation into Sodom will move forward another giant step.

The balance of power has never really worked in this country. I don't think a Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached although there are certainly plenty of times it would have been appropriate.  The power of those nine (actually, a simple majority of five) is unlimited. The only check on their power appears to be mass rebellion by the people like the Civil Rights Movement. But only good people stand up to evil and we are no longer good.  De Tocqueville predicted our downfall when he said that the United States would only be great as long as we were a moral people. We are a moral people no longer.

But the remnant can keep the truth alive like the Japanese of Nagasaki who two-hundred years after the expulsion of the Jesuit missionaries continued to transmit the faith to new generations. Please God, we will have the same courage to defend the truth and keep the faith alive in our children and grandchildren. If we do not, we will be like the evil king of Babylon, King Belshazzar in the Book of Daniel, who saw the heavenly writing on the wall that predicted not only the destruction of his kingdom, but his personal destruction as well.

"St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle...."

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