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Friday, August 27, 2010

Will Conservatives Abandon the Moral Issues...and Become Irrelevant?

Events of the past few weeks indicate that the battle for conservatism is at a crossroads. With Ann Coulter scheduled to  speak at GoProud's HOMOCON event, and Glenn Beck declaring the gay marriage movement not important enough to engage, we're seeing the further normalization and acceptance of the gay agenda. And is it surprising? Gays have a lot of money. They also have plenty of social acceptance, both in the mainstream media and among the clueless young. They've won the "tolerance" battle convincing millions that sodomy is a civil right and that mutual masturbation and worse is equivalent to marital relations.

The fact is, criticizing the gay agenda will get you attacked and labeled a "nut job" quicker than almost any other issue, even abortion. Let's take one example from the gay playbook. If you want to experience first hand the "jamming" strategy of gay activists (i.e., screaming loud and long against anyone who challenges their agenda), just take a position exposing the vicious homosexual propaganda being paid for and promoted in the public schools with taxpayer dollars. Millions are being spent in Massachusetts alone. The money, among other things, has paid to print and distribute to teens the Little Black Book: Queer in the 21st Century. (Warning: clicking on the link will expose you to disgusting and graphic material. But isn't it interesting homosexuals can call themselves "queer" but if you do, you're a homophobic bigot.)

The black book is nothing but a teaching manual for perversion. You have to see it yourself to believe it and I urge parents with kids in public schools to check it out, because this type of homosexual indoctrination is not limited to Massachusetts.

The "condom guide" includes photos of the erect male organ with instructions on correct condom use. There's another double page describing various types of homosexual sex acts including titles in the margin and their definitions. Here are the titles:  "F***in', Suckin', Spit or Swallow?, Rimming? [with the definition], Watersports (P*** Play), Fisting, Toys, Mutual J***in' Off."

This is for children, remember. The book also includes a list of Boston bars and clubs for "the discerning queerboy." (And they say they aren't recruiting? )

Now the head of Mass Resistance who's been fighting this perversion is Brian Camenker. In my book he's a hero who deserves the thanks of parents everywhere for exposing the dark underbelly of the public schools. And yet when he's invited to participate in local tea party events, a RINO named Christen Varley who, besides being an establishment hack, also heads a poltically correct tea party with some of her friends has gone after Camenker bigtime. Varley, a friend of the liberal media in Boston, is trying to undermine any meetings that include Camenker. She managed to get most of the speakers at one tea party rally to back out which caused the event to be cancelled. (Bunch of cowards!) She also got writer Don Feder to cancel at another tea party event that went on without him. (I'm sure disappointed in Don Feder!)

The big danger to the tea party movement is that they'll buy the lie that they need to restrict the issues to fiscal conservatism and dump the moral issues. If they do that, the movement is dead, just one more useless version of what we have already. What's bringing this country down is our moral collapse. The financial crisis is the direct result of the moral collapse. A quote often attributed to de Tocqueville pegs it.  "America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great." We long since ceased to be good. Can we reclaim our moral heritage? I don't know. But one things for sure; we won't do it with political correctness. We need moral warriors. Brian Camenker illustrates the fighting spirit that made America great. He's a brave man. Pray for him and for his group. We need them!


LJ Barstow said...

You don't know Christen Varley...I do.
You don't know Brian Camenker...I do.
You are way off base re: Christen. She is a hero. The "liberal" media cover her because they know their readers care about the things she cares about and they need readers. But she could not be more different than the media elites. Christen is working 24/7 to restore traditional and conservtive principles in the very morally dark climate of Boston. She is a uniter. She's respected by the media, unlike Mr. Camenker, because she acts like a lady and does not believe every word needs to have a hard edge. She doesn't ask for a penny for anything and gives of her time generously. She frankly deserves an apology.

o said...

I don't think Beck and Limbaugh and Coulter are abandoning moral issues, I think they never believed in them to begin with. Beck is trying to show how many don't care about moral issues - and we'll see in a couple days.

I care more about moral issues - the rest will follow.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Don't hold your breath, L.J. Anyone who goes behind the scenes to get folks to cancel participation in an event because she doesn't like one of the speakers is no uniter. Besides, some things can't be united. How do you unite those who want to instruct children in fisting, rimming and other depraved actions with parents who want to protect them.

Varley has made it clear in interviews that she will avoid the "hot button" issues. But those are the issues that brought out a lot of the tea party activists. Who is she to set the agenda?

Christen Varley acted like a bully and her actions are also the m.o. of those who are trying to get the tea party to drop all the social issues and focus only on fiscal issues. That's a killer! Those issues are important, but they pale in comparison to abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, etc.

Mass Resistance is doing important work. I've followed them for years and I'm a contributor. They were right in the thick of the David Parker fight. Was Christen Varley?

As one of the folks involved in the Fort Independence event said, Varley should mind her own business.

And the fact that the media love her is no recommendation.

I think the one who is owed an apology is Brian Camenker.

Anonymous said...

I have been to three tea parties and I have to disagree with you, Mary Ann. The tea party movement began in response to the out of control government spending and involvement in people's lives. The earliest tea parties were in response to TARP under Bush. The movement gained steam because of the stimulus, health care, and cap-and-trade. Based on my experiences at the tea party rallies, the participants are there mainly because of big government and out of control spending. That is not to say that social issues are umimportant or that tea partiers are not pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, but I do not feel they take precedence in the tea party.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You may be right. Although I think everything just came together in a perfect storm. One of the big issues over the health care legislation was abortion. And the tea party group I was in locally (which is a small sample) was very concerned about the social issues. I think you have a large group of average Americans who embrace traditional values. Do you think the tea party will prosper if the only issues are fiscal ones?

A large part of the overreaching of government has been on the social issues: usurping parents' rights over their children, giving special rights to homosexuals, trying to limit free speech through hate legislation, etc.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

On further reflection, I was in a local Ron Paul meetup group. They were promoting the tea parties when they started though.

Anonymous said...

True, abortion was an issue during the healthcare debate, but I don't think it was the main reason the majority of Americans hate the law. We cannot afford the healthcare law, especially on top of TARP and the stimulus. It is unconstitutional for the government to require private citizens to purchase insurance. It is a massive expansion of government. It was jammed through, against the will of the American people, behind closed doors. I do not believe social issues are essential for the tea party to survive. As far as electoral strategy goes, a Republican party that is socially conservative but places more of an emphasis on fiscal issues will have much broader appeal and be much more successful. And a successful Republican party means the election of social conservatives and even those with mixed social positions. (Though the latter is less desirable, I think we all can agree that a social moderate is better than a social liberal.)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Again, you may be right about the makeup of the tea party activists, but I have a hard time seeing support for ripping a baby limb from limb (even if restricted to the first trimester) as a "moderate" position. And I don't believe God will bless it.

Language these days has little solid meaning and words often are used in ways that are exactly the opposite of their true meanings. The social engineers have been brilliant at manipulating people through the manipulation of language. "Choice" is the pre-eminent example.

I've been labeled a "right wing extremist" for my Christian beliefs, but in terms of reality, they are the most real thing of all. Philosophies undergird political actions, and this political battle is not only on a human level. We are waging war against principalities. For that reason, abandoning the most important life and death issues will leave us on our own facing a diabolical enemy as well as a human one. It is a losing strategy.

The Bible clearly states that "Love of money is the root of all evils." I believe our nation is being punished fiscally because we have put our material possessions ahead of life itself. Men and women kill their babies because they don't want to interfere with their (take your pick) education, career, how they look in a bikini at the beach (I actually had a young woman considering abortion tell me that), etc. We kill the elderly because they are too expensive and their care will eat up the inheritance. Some politicians sell their souls for money.

God will not bless our love of money; only our love for Him and our neighbor.