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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Live to Dance

I'm late getting this up, but I hope you have a chance to watch the season finale of Live to Dance tonight. I got an email today from Tim Winter at Parents Television Council about their award in excellence to Paula Abdul for family-friendly programming. Here's what the award said:
Live to Dance is a delightful program which features dancers of all ages and dance routines of all styles. You’ll see ballet, ballroom and hip-hop dancing performances; and you’ll be inspired by the performers who are tots, teens, adults and seniors.

Unlike many other reality television competitions, which sometimes lapse into questionable taste, Live to Dance is consistently clean and perfect for viewers of all ages.
This will be my first time watching the program, but I think dancing is a wonderful form of expression whether it's a tiny tot twirling like an autumn leaf in the living room or my husband and me squaring up with three other couples. Here's a sample. See what you think.

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I wasn't as enthusiastic about the show as I had hoped. Dance costumes have just become too bare and revealing and I find it particularly offensive on little girls.