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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Republicans will lose in 2012 unless they embrace both fiscal AND social issues

A bunch of short-sighted Republicans (I won't say conservatives) claim that to win in 2012 they must jettison the social issues like pro-life, traditional marriage, etc. They are singing GoProud's song, an old tired tune that has been shown time and again to be false as a three dollar bill. Reagan showed that the social issues were part of a winning strategy. RINOs have been running from them ever since which is why we have the debacle in Washington now.

Elaine Donnelly has a great article at Big Peace. Here are a few excerpts:
Under Reagan’s leadership the pro-family movement joined with economic and national defense conservatives to build a strong and effective political force.  The resulting coalition became Reagan’s famous “three-legged stool”—a redefined, stable conservatism that expressed unequivocal support for sound economic principles, national security, and traditional family values.
The combined platform appealed to Reagan Democrats, thousands of whom had never been active in politics before.  When newly-motivated pro-family grassroots activists joined forces with what had been a small conservative movement, the result was something big: the Reagan Revolution....

According to a Rasmussen poll released on Friday, 32% of voters are conservative on both fiscal and social issues—up eight points since 2007.  Only 6% are liberal on both fiscal and social issues, down from 9% in 2007.  The same poll indicates that 69% of GOP voters say they are social conservatives.  The potential for a strong new coalition exists, since economic freedom and national security cannot endure when government policies undermine or weaken free enterprise, our military, and the institutions of marriage and family.
Convergence of the Constitution-centered Tea Party movement with pre-2009 conservatives brings the entire movement to a turning point that is not a crisis—it is an opportunity.  Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan—May your legacy and the principles you stood for change American history again.
Let's pray and work for true conservative principles that honor the right to life and limited government.


Ray Schneider said...

Joseph Sobran certainly got it right when he called the Republicans the "stupid party." Conservatives what principled people, not these sniveling calculators who try to slice poll data up and create an opportunistic coalition. That whole procedure is fundamentally dishonorable and the very act of trying shows they are not worthy of power. We need principled moral people and we get conniving scoundrels instead.

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying as a conservative it's utterly disapointing to see so many people hung up on the fact that these potential 2012 candidates must have "strong conservative values." If we were in the year 1950 then I would agree, yes they must have these 'strong conservative values.' But reading about the upcoming election I tend to think conservatives have learned nothing from their defeat in 08'. The majority of Americans don't consider themselves "conservative." Many Americans live a conservative lifestyle in many aspects but vote democrat or independant often. How do you appeal to them? How do you appeal to the millions of young people, women and minorities who elected Obama? The answer is someone who has star quality and his or her star burns brighter than our failing president's! Just look at the television shows that are popular- American Idol, Jersey Shore- look at the media embraced by young people Facebook, Twitter etc-finally think about the fact that America (weather we like it or not) and especially young Americans are brand driven. These reasons were key in Obama defeating tired old John Mccain. All the "strong conservative values" in the world won't save it for us in 2012. In the words of Andy Griffith portraying Lonesome Rhodes "you gotta be loved man."

shirleythomasrn said...

i love christians, conservative tea baggers et al. the right is shooting self in the foot. procoice women, men and young people will never vote for rethugs. christian conservative values taking away woman's right to choose. my patients have never had to live under spector of not being able to choose and i can tell you my white upper/middle class clients will not be voting the republican ticket in 2012

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Shirley, I'm sure you mean well, but abortion carries the seeds of its own destruction because post aborted women are starting to see it for what it is -- the exploitation of women. Every poll shows men more pro-abortion than women. Why? Because abortion is the perfect "solution" for male chauvinist pigs using women as sex objects or, worse, adult men preying on minors.

As for your "white upper/middle class clients" I cringe, since abortion targets minorities. Blacks who represent 12% of the population have almost 40% of the abortions. Sure sounds like racism to me!