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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Did You Know About This Millstone (Oops...milestone)?

Did you know that June was gay pride month at the Pentagon? For the first time in its history, the U.S. military celebrated the disordered attachment of same sex lust among those serving in the armed forces. Leon Panetta made a video celebrating "diversity" and the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell." Panetta's address helps advance the lie that homosexual attractions is a civil rights issue of "equality."

The homosexual agenda isn't about equality for all; it's about special privileges for the few. When has the Department of Defense ever celebrated its Catholic members? Traditionally, Catholics have made up about 30% of the armed forces. Let's take a look at these two "diverse" groups.

Panetta celebrates the "diversity" and open proclamation for those who are so deluded they pretend the rectum is a vagina. Letting them openly proclaim their disordered inclinations is cause for celebration and shows respect for their integrity. Wow!

There's no celebration for the "diversity" of Catholics in the military who believe, like all ethical believers for thousands of years, that marriage and the traditional family are the basis of every healthy society. No, Panetta has no praise for their "integrity" -- just the opposite in fact. While the homosexuals have thrown open the closet and are welcome to celebrate their depraved sexual expression, Catholics and other people of faith are being silenced. Not only are they being warned not to criticize the new, politically correct policy, but some are being told not to mention Jesus. "Get in line or resign," one was told! Can you imagine what will happen in the future to any serviceman sexually harassed by a homosexual? The troops have been warned not to engage in sexual harassment of gays. But for gays harassing straight servicemen - no warning for them. And yet the increase in assaults by homosexuals is alarming. How many servicemen will think twice before reporting an assault by a homosexual? Remember how female rape victims were treated in the past? Men have even more reason to be ashamed and embarrassed not to mention worried that by coming forward they will be seen as the problem because it casts doubt on the policies now in force.

No one can predict what this insanity will do to the military over the next decade and more. One thing is for sure, however.  Making the military a social engineering experiment is not likely to improve military readiness. What happened to Israel in the Old Testament (being overcome by her neighboring enemies) looks like our future. Maybe we should all enroll in foreign language classes. Take your pick: Chinese, Russian, or Arabic.

One last point: Do you think it's an accident that the administration chose June to establish this "gay pride" abomination? June is the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that heart that suffered over the sins of mankind including the depraved sins of homosexual lust. The devil may have been snickering over such a "victory" but, in reality, the timing emphasizes the love and mercy of Jesus for all who are enslaved by the evil one. We all need to offer prayers of reparation to the Sacred Heart and make sacrifices to save poor sinners before they fall "like snowflakes" into the everlasting fire of hell.

Remember the three little shepherds of Fatima who carried the message of repentance to the world. Let us make Jacinta's plaintive cry our own. "We must pray very much, to save souls from hell! So many go there, so many!...Why doesn't Our Lady show hell to sinners? If they saw it, they would not sin so as to avoid going there. I'm so sorry for sinners! If only I could show them hell."

Heavenly Father, give us the gift of fear of the Lord that we might, if not for love, stop sinning out of fear of eternal punishment.


Anonymous said...

All administrations such as this one do is to try and take down our crosses on any military land.

Anonymous said...

I am a woman, and I should have known this trashy June "holiday" was coming up when I bought a book on holidays for my young grandson and found out it did not have Father's Day included for the month of June. It had all the other holidays, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day but weddings for June and no Father's Day. I found out too late to take it back, so I just put Father's Day on the June pages myself. I will look far more carefully next time before I buy such trash.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton is now being pilloried with tomatoes in Egypt. I find it quite Hilarious. (Please excuxe the pun.) Both sides seem to hate her and this administration. I think they are trying to tell us something, such as "take the beam out of your own eyes before taking the mote out or ours".