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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good for NCAA: The Football Program Mattered More than the Lives of Children!

Football is a false god. At Penn State the god is toppled. It's a good start.

Not 'death,' but something like it


Anonymous said...

So many of the atheletes now days get charged with beating their girls friends, doing drugs,etc. that I am no longer even interested in going to a game of any kind. One does not know if they won their awards honestly or because they had super strength from taking steroids. Then they tell you that they beat the record of an athelete years ago that we all know was NOT on steroids. Who can believe most of them any more? Even in high schools sometimes gone are the days of good sportsmanship with parents getting into fights over silly things and college groups getting into riots. Who needs it!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when we start encouraging competitiveness and winning at sports to kids as young as four years old. There are no "off seasons" in high school sports any more. Coaches expect kids to be lifting, doing agility training or conditioning year round. Woe is the kid whose parents actually want family time, because that kid probably won't play. Sports is big, big business and lots of money - greed wins. You'll note the "punishment" was all in forms of postseason play (money), scholarships (money). However, at least the NCAA seems to be more proactive in punishing those who cover up sexual predators than the catholic church!

Anonymous said...

The new gods and goddesses of America are sports and entertainment figures. My step-father hated Elvis Presley when I was a teen, although I was never stuck on him. my sister was. He called him Elvis the Pelvis. I understand now why he was so incensed by Elvis's actions because things only got worse with Michael Jackson and other entertainers. My husband and I refused to let any of our daughtes go to such concerts. One wanted to go to a Prince concert with a friend, and I told her, "No way!" I have heard he has reformed some, but that was before he did, if he did. Some people send me e-mails of such dancers, but I never send them along. I have nothing against dancing as long as it is kept decent.