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Friday, July 27, 2012

Billy Graham Speaks Out for Chick-fil-A

And he plans to join the "support Chick-fil-A" activity next Wednesday, August 1st. I'll be eating at the Chick-fil-A either in Winchester or Harrisonburg. Want to join me?


Lawyers also are coming to the defense of the business saying that public officials are opening themselves up to lawsuits for pledging to punish Chick-fil-A. 
“These government officials ought to be ashamed. For a public official to threaten denial of a right to do business because the president of a private company supports natural marriage is the height of stupidity and intolerance,” said Mathew Staver, chief of Liberty Counsel...
“There is absolutely no evidence that Chick-fil-A has discriminated against anyone,” Staver continued. “The intolerance displayed by these government officials ought to serve as a wakeup call to the majority of Americans who support the commonsense understanding of natural marriage.
“If given the chance, these intolerant officials would silence anyone who supports natural marriage. They have placed extreme ideology over freedom,” Staver said.
“To deny business permits or zoning approvals to Chick-fil-A because the president of the privately owned family business expressed his biblical view of natural marriage is outrageous. Any city trying to ban Chick-fil-A will not win this battle,” Staver said. 
You know how this started right? Chick-fil-A was the victim of attack for daring to donate food to a conference defending the traditional family. The homosexuals won't tolerate anybody disagreeing with them. Meanwhile, they are backing out of the fray. After all, their purpose is to serve a good meal.

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Anonymous said...

The Rev. Billy Graham is one fine man. In many ways he is more Catholic that many Catholics, especially some of the supposed Catholic politicians. If some of them are "Catholic" than this woman, me -- 5'3" and small boned -- is a 200lb. male football player.