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Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Queering" the Church - part III

I've been reflecting lately on how successfully homosexual activists have infiltrated the Church using a "gay" mythology to present their disordered inclination as normal, and, in fact, a civil right. (I've blogged about it here andhere.) Interestingly enough, homosexuals are the ones introducing terms like "queering the Church."  If you Google it, the first thing that comes up is the blog of a self-described Catholic with a smorgasbord of pro-homosexual offerings including a list of "queer saints and martyrs." He names both canonized saints and others, like homosexual priests flaunting their "gayness." What exactly gives this man the authority put his personal spin on the lives of the saints or to canonize his favorite gay priests is unclear. But a brief perusal of his site indicates that, while he claims to be Catholic, his "faith" has nothing to do with adhering to the teachings of Christ articulated through the Church. He, like any other protest-ant, is his own pope.  Read more here...

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