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Thursday, September 27, 2012

No Difference between the Candidates for President?

Think again!  Faith and Freedom Coalition Voter Guide

Note that there are FIVE INTRINSIC EVILS supported by Obama and opposed by Romney:
Same-Sex Marriage
Abortion on Demand
Taxpayer-funded Abortion
Mandated Contraceptive Coverage
Opposition to Defense of Marriage Act
Practicing Catholics who decide to vote for Obama because of their "freedom of conscience," do not understand freedom or conscience. Freedom is not the license to commit evil. Conscience seeks the truth. For a Catholic to support instrinsic evils is sinful. To vote for Obama based on prudential matters (e.g., how best to solve the problem of poverty) is irresponsible. It also seems stupid to me in view of the fact that all of Obama's policies to date have increased poverty. Think about it. More people are unemployed, underemployed, on food stamps, in foreclosure, in serious debt, etc. So exactly why are you thinking of voting for Obama?


Jeannie Holler said...

NO CATHOIC should vote for this EVIL man ...God help us all!

Let us hear our Shepherds , our Priest tell people : It is a MORTAL sin to vote for a man who is evil and stands for evil !
Wake up America and vote for LIFE !

Anonymous said...

Really that's just two things: abortion and gay marriage. I am Catholic and these two issues are just not hot button topics for me. So you say I am not a real Catholic? Well that is not a hot button topic for me either. I am one of the ones that the Pew survey is talking about in that I am an independent, middle of the road voter. I just don't see how Romney can improve this country and I do see how he could make it a lot worse. Voting for Obama here.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Supporting abortion and supporting tax funding of abortion are two different things. A person can believe in abortion and still believe it is wrong to force taxpayers to fund it. Do you really not see a difference between those two different moral positions? The first is evil, the second is diabolical since Satan is never content not to force everyone to be complicit in evil.

There's nothing "middle of the road" about voting for child murder anymore than Hitler was middle of the road for advocating the persecution and murder of Jews, but not Aryans (unless they happened to: oppose him, be Christians, try to save Jews, etc.). Those who call themselves Catholics but rebel against God's laws are fooling themselves.

You cannot support intrinsic moral evils like abortion and gay relationships without putting your soul in jeopardy. People who do that are the ones Jesus meant when He said, "Not all those who say 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only those who hear the word of God and keep it. Obama's positions disqualify him from consideration (not to mention the Democrats' wicked platform).

Playing Church is a risky game.

susan said...

Mary Ann,

You might wanna say something like "failure to support the Defense of Marriage Act" for the last it is now, it reads that the Defense of Marriage Act is an intrinsic evil that obama supports, when the opposite is true.

servo said...

If child-killing for hire and sodomy don't matter to you, then yes, you aren't a 'real' Catholic. Just because Romney's evil doesn't make Obama good or even tolerable. The guy supported leaving born-alive infants to die like %)*% in a sink, for God's sake! What the hell is wrong with people?