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Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama Campaign Defaces the Flag

A few days ago the image of the flag below appeared on the Obama website. It resulted in a firestorm of criticism. All I can say is what arrogance! Here's a man who thinks he is America. How many of us would would replace the stars on the flag with our personal logo? How dare Obama equate the symbol of our freedom with his cult of personality! Remember Benjamin Franklin who, at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, looked at the President's chair depicting a sun. He commented on the difficulty of telling whether an artist's depiction was a rising or setting sun. After the Convention completed its work, Franklin said he was confident it was a rising sun. After four years of Obama, I'm convinced his logo is a setting sun. If he wins re-election it will signify the sun setting on our Constitutional Republic. God help us!

Incidentally, the "Obama flag" has been removed from the Obama store website. One of the reasons is no doubt the many people who have pointed out the resemblance between it and the blood stains on the Benghazi wall. See the images below. Creepy, eh?

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