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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Comic Legend Cheers Clint Eastwood Performance at RNC

I think Clint Eastwood's performance at the RNC was hilarious, despite being a little vulgar. The use of an empty chair was brilliant. Let's face it, the oval office has had an empty chair since the man was elected. Between Obama's non-stop campaigning and fund-raising and his busy vacation schedule, he's hardly spent any time in the oval office working for the people. Nevertheless, he's been very successful at undermining the country 1) by his use of executive orders to usurp the legislative role of Congress and 2) his appointment of "czars" to cabinet level positions usurping the role of the Senate's constitutional right to advise and consent. I have no doubt that this president has committed more impeachable offenses than any president in history. But politicians are skittish to criticize the first black president because the media instantly labels them as racists. The use of the empty chair could also be seen as addressing a man in the dock. He's been tried and found wanting as Eastwood made so perfectly clear. When a man isn't doing the job, it's time to "let him go."

The liberal pundits went into overdrive to label Eastwood's unscripted comedy routine "weird" and paint him as suffering from "dementia." But a comic legend saw his act a little differently and I thought his remarks were interesting and on target. Eastwood sounded as "demented" as George Burns with the same sense of perfect timing. And that is what comedy is all about. Here's a snippet of what Jackie Mason said and you can listen to the rest on the youtube audio below:
“Clint Eastwood was trying to do one thing. He was trying to do a comedy routine and it was a brilliantly conceiv[ed] comedy routine. And he purposely put on an act of being a little frazzled, of being a little old, to make it sound like he wasn’t being intentionally abusive or directly attacking anybody.”
Mason said that Eastwood intentionally tried to convey the “meanderings of an older person who happens to be saying these things.”
“And this was so artfully, perfectly conceived,” Mason added. “[Eastwood] hit the nail exactly on the head and he made a total idiot out of Barack Obama.”


Ray Schneider said...

"A little vulgar?" ... any vulgarity was in the mind of the listener. The presentation itself was G rated in my opinion. "Romney can't do that to himself" calls for an inference from the listener. Romney probably can't do a lot of things to himself. The other ones were of the same kind. So if it's vulgar it's only inferentially vulgar. Rather a different thing from vulgar.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Touche, Ray, I just have a vulgar mind. Must be from hanging out with you. LOL!

Ray Schneider said...

Well Hahrump!! Did you see all the posts for empty chair day ... they were a riot! My favorite was of an empty chair bowing to a laptop with a picture of the Saudi Prince on it ...

Making fun is the most effective form of criticism. I thought it was a riot that the president is having to scale back from a 74K seat stadium to a 20K seat arena.

The issues they've chosen to highlight at their convention is a measure of how entirely out of touch they are with the American electorate. They must think everyone is on the dole and immoral like they are.

Anita Moore said...

Yay for Jackie Mason! I get a kick out of Jackie Mason, and here is one of the reasons.