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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stop Blaming the Movie!

Okay, I've read enough about government agencies investigating the demonized movie maker. I'm sick of Hillary Clinton apologizing for the movie. I'm sick of her yammering to the Muslim world that America had nothing to do with making the movie. "It is sickening and repulsive", etc.

Forget the movie already! Movies don't kill. And they don't make people kill. Insults against religion don't kill either. If they did Christians would be on the rampage full time.

As a Catholic I'm deeply offended that my government eagerly funds insults against my faith like Andres Serrano's "P*** Christ" showing a crucifix immersed in a jar of urine and a video with ants crawling all over a bloody crucifix. Hillary can't say the American government had nothing to do with that. And when have liberals expressed any concern over anti-Catholic films like The Last Temptation of Christ or blasphemous plays like Most Fabulous Story Ever Told portraying Mary as a lesbian and Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption which depicts Jesus as gay? Try to find a liberal criticizing an anti-Catholic art work, movie, play, photograph, music video, verbal blasphemy, etc. NEVER! They pooh-pooh the idea that Christians should be offended no matter how blasphemous the work! They call us thin-skinned and overreacting. But let someone insult the prophet? Wow! The apology machine goes into overdrive.

So Hillary...and Obama and Sebelius, we're waiting to hear your apologies, not for what someone else did, but for  what your administration is doing to Christians. Let's start with the HHS contraceptive mandate!

Hmmm...Maybe if we acted more like the "religion of peace"....


Ray Schneider said...

The hypocrites are simply out in force. The Muslims are doing what Muslims do which is express outrage against anyone that is not a Muslim on the thinnest of excuses but in this case the excuse is a pretense since they obviously planned this to celebrate 9/11.

Maybe we should start celebrating 9/11 by blowing the hell out of enclaves of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Andrea Kent said...

Our Department of State and our mass media are physically afraid of rioting Muslims. They are showing Muslim extremists that said extremists can change our behavior and even the operation of our Constitution by violence. Google has already consented to remove the offending video in certain countries, so the Islamists have learned now that nothing that displeases them will remain on public view for long, if they will only kill a few Americans. Nice going, Hillary. Thanks, Google. Don't be evil, now.