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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Erik Rush on Negrophilia

I think I gotta get this book! The left is more racist than the right. Their "entire demeanor is condescending." Blacks can't do anything for themselves. Only a black could say these things. And thank God he's saying them. "We're all Americans." Thank you, Erik Rush!


Anonymous said...

Erik Rush says he is positive that President Obama and his minions are murdering people, and he doesn’t need any proof to back up his charges because requiring evidence is just a “ruse” of the “political left.” He previously wrote a column alleging that the Obama administration had a hand in the murder of a gun enthusiast, while admitting he had “no proof” besides an “inclination.”

Based on the lunacy above it must be said that maybe you shoulcd choose your experts more wisely. Rush is such a credible witness. A liar and a fraud and thus perfect for this type of propagandaracket.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I just want to read his book.

But in view of Fast and Furious, I'd say Obama can take credit for the murder of the border agent, four more deaths for his negligence in Benghazi. Yup, he's definitely got a body count.