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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Play the Violin for Michelle, Forced to Live in a "Prison"

Michelle Obama: Being First Lady is like living in a ‘really nice prison’

Michelle is completely tone deaf! There she is enjoying luxury living visiting one of the poorest countries in the world, and she describes her opulent lifestyle as living in a "really nice prison." Now wouldn't most of the people in Tanzania like a prison 1/100th as fine as hers! Oh, but her life is "confining." Hey, so is mine. I'm "confined" to Monday morning laundry, cooking meals, doing dishes, cleaning toilets, running the vacuum,, defrosting the freezer, pulling weeds in my garden, etc. 

Oh...but Michelle must be doing all those things too...right?

Give us all a break, Michelle. Your life in the White House has been one long dream of a vacation with jaunts to Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii, touring England, safaris in Africa, skiing in Vale, a night out in New York City, million dollar parties with rock stars, trips to Spain, a Roman holiday, etc., etc. ad nauseum. We should all enjoy such a "prison!" Just give me the "prison" food prepared by the White House chef and I won't ask for anything more. Michelle ought to be singing a different song!


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Ah, how she must look forward to 2016 when she can finally be liberated from her "prison". Hopefully the rest of us will share in that "liberation". Would the NSA, IRS and DHS trolls reading this be so kind as to remind Mrs Messiah that we tried to liberate her in 2012? Trust us, we share that pain!

Anonymous said...

Did you even read the transcript of the whole interview with Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Bush? This is another example of the conservative media making a mountain out of... nothing. And calling her Mrs. Messiah is vulgar. Attacking the family of the president is shameful. Or at least conservatives thought so when republicans were in office.