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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Remember Reading about the Miramonte Sex Abuse Case?

No, I thought you wouldn't. The liberal media that ran article after article after article on the priestly sex abuse cases keeping the heat on for months and even years, can't be bothered to make public school sex abuse a national issue. Stories generally appear for five minutes in local media and then, POOF, disappear into the ether. After all....wrong narrative.

Tensions grow between LA Unified, lawyers in Miramonte abuse cases

Any sex abuse of children no matter who the perpetrators are is diabolical, but it's interesting that the only sex abuse the liberal media bother to notice, with more than a curt nod, are those involving priests, not any priests of course, Catholic priests. Now why is it that the media are so uninterested in the public school problem which is 100 times worse than what happened in Catholic dioceses around the country according to the U.S. Department of Education? Check it out here and here and read the 2004 Shakeshaft Study here. Check out a summary of the study here. According to study author, Carol Shakeshaft, 9.6% of public school children are abused between kindergarten and 12th grade. That's almost one in ten children. Are your kids in public schools? Better read the study. 

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