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Friday, July 19, 2013

What do you think?

I'm still trying to decide.


Adrienne said...


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Can you elaborate, Adrienne? I thought it would be a race baiting speech, but I didn't think it was -- at least not blatantly. I thought there was too much blacks are victims and I wondered what news programs he'd been watching to miss the fact that some of the protests were already violent, e.g., Oakland and L.A.,0,7042281.story

I think I need to listen to it a few more times.

Adrienne said...

You're a brave woman for actually listening to his drivel. I had to depend on the written word.

Since I don't have time to elaborate (the garden calls), I will instead direct you to a few decent articles.

I will say this much: Obama was counting on massive riots. I predicted that wasn't going to happen. It didn't. He's very disappointed and will do anything to gin up false outrage so he can get the people riled up.

This case had absolutely nothing to do with race. So explain to me why Obama is making a mockery of the office of the presidency by talking about race and showing favoritism to one citizen over another?

Both of these articles have more to say...



Oooops. Guess that's three articles, not two. Math was never my strong suit:-)

Off to move the sprinklers. It's going to be 95 today. Have a wonderful day.

Adrienne said...

Here's another very interesting take on the situation:

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Great sources, Adrienne. Thanks. I especially enjoyed Steve Sailer. I think he has Obama pegged. LOL!