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Friday, April 3, 2015

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...and Pray for Our Military!

I can just imagine what my dad, a two-star Navy admiral, would say about what's happening to our military. I wonder what he would think of Obama's recommendation to cut military retirement by 20%. Many soldiers and sailors get no or very little retirement because they serve for only a short time. Compare that to the short service of many members of Congress and the president himself. Members of Congress are eligible for a pension after five years of service. The amount of their pensions is based on a formula of years of service, age at retirement, and highest three years of pay. Former presidents receive an annual pension of almost $200,000. Pretty good return for 4-8 years work. Think of members of Congress, some of whom sit in the chamber with their computers open playing free cell and others who spend the bulk of their time fundraising and gladhanding, Then think of our military on the front lines risking life and limb and mental health fighting to defend our freedoms. Exactly whose pay and retirement benefits should be cut?

Just a final thought. While our military is being degraded, many state and local police departments are receiving weapons appropriate for war. Why? Are the American people seen as the new threat to a Leviathan government? Oath Keepers thinks so and have taken a pledge not to obey certain orders to violate the Constitutional rights of Americans. Visit their website.

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