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Friday, June 17, 2016

Did Federal Policies about Muslims Prevent FBI and BATF Action?

Omar Mateen: What does a terrorist look like?
Who's really to blame for the Orlando shooting? Obviously the shooter, but there was clear evidence he was cooking up a big deal violent event. Was it preventable. though? Maybe not.

The FBI alerted!

Several weeks before the shooting Mateen was engaged in suspicious activity trying to buy body armor, but the store owner and bulk ammo. The store didn't get his name because they refused to sell him anything and apparently surveillance footage wasn't good enough for facial recognition.
 Mateen had been investigated several times by the FBI, but was considered non-threatening which is pretty hard to understand considering he bragged about connections to Al Quaeda and the brothers who carried out the Boston Marathon bombing and talked about dying as a martyr. Was it politically correct federal policies against profiling that lead authorities to stop looking at a man who was an obvious threat?

Meanwhile, who's really to blame? Christians, of course. Excuse my cynicism, but look at what's happening in the aftermath -- more calls for gun control.

Demanding everyone on the terror watch list be deprived of their second amendment rights sounds reasonable until you consider that pro-lifers have been described as domestic terrorists. I want to know how many pro-life activists are on a terror watch list somewhere. Are innocent people, never accused or convicted of a crime, to be deprived of their second amendment rights because of liberal prejudice?

Excuse my cynicism, but terrorist events are a boon to people like Hillary Clinton and other liberals who use them to play king of the hill and demand more gun control. She cries crocodile tears for the victims while she seizes her golden opportunity to play gun control heroine.

Increasingly, the federal government is putting citizens in danger: at nightclubs, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. While they are busy body searching nuns and little old ladies at airports and making sure that transgenders have access to the ladies' showers, a Muslim buying automatic weapons, one who made numerous statements illustrating his terrorist sympathies, falls through the cracks. Really? Why did the FBI stop watching? He was certainly a person of interest!

The greatest danger to citizens today are liberals. Obama's gotta go and so does Hillary. Does anyone really think the woman who left Americans, including an ambassador, exposed to the enemy and allowed them to be killed in Benghazi (while POTUS got his beauty sleep) will protect us from the next Muslim terrorist? Hey, those terrorist cultures are big donors to the Clinton Foundation. What do you think those Muslim leaders expect in return for all those millions?

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