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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Another Abortion Horror Story; Another Abortionist Quits

The article and an excerpt:
"Life changed for me during a 16-17 week abortion. I was performing a D&E procedure and had already pulled off both legs of this small human being.
Every once in a while, you begin to pull out the fetus and the majority of the body will come out intact. I began to pull on the torso and the rest of the body came out whole. The arms, head, and torso were all still attached. I was moving the body to the tray for disposal and a slight movement caught my eye. I looked at this tiny chest and saw it moving up and down. Life was outside that woman’s womb, even just for a few seconds. 
"And there I was. I was holding this tiny body. An overwhelming remorse flooded my body. I had violently removed this child’s legs while she was still alive. I did that. She felt it. I was the last person to hold her alive, yet I was the person who ended her life. In that moment, I was thankful that she didn’t have the ability to open her eyes. I wouldn’t have wanted my face to be the first one she would have seen. Now I have hope that the first face she saw was the face of Jesus."
Abortion carries the seeds of its own destruction. This is the truth of it. It's violent, bloody murder of the most innocent. Think of the dead bodies of every atrocity from Hitler's death camps to the Armenian and Rwandan genocides to ISIS beheading Christians. They are all part of the seamless garment of diabolical evil. Most people are looking for the truth which has its own compelling attraction. Showing people the truth and lovingly explaining it makes a difference.

One of the programs I admire and support is GAP, the Genocide Awareness Project. Witnesses go to college campuses and other public palces and erect a display showing different forms of violent killing including abortion. It touches hearts and changes minds. Did you ever hear someone say, "I never knew abortion was like that?" I have and I saw a heart change before my eyes. Support life.  Donate to GAP or a crisis pregnancy center in your area. We give a monthly donation to support a full time activist with GAP. We also give monthly support to a crisis pregnancy center where I used to counsel. Invest your money where it will reap a heavenly reward. God will reward you for it more than you can possibly imagine.

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Mary's Child Mariann said...

Amen. Thanks for sharing. May all eyes be opened to the Truth.