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Saturday, June 18, 2016

What do you do to veg out? I write poems for my grandkids.

Here's the latest.

A Poem for All My Little Bird Watchers

Cardinals and sparrows don't share well. 
I was cleaning off my desk today and came across a poem I obviously started when I was recovering from my rotator cuff surgery. How could I tell? Easy. I obviously wrote it with my left hand when I wasn't allowed to move my right arm -- at least the beginning. I apparently added some stanzas later after I could lift my arm and use my right hand again.

I truly enjoy writing little poems for my grandkids. This one is about the birds that come to my feeder. How I love them. We took the feeders down for the summer. We start to attract bears in the late spring and that means they have to go. We don't want any bears near our bee hives! Read more here...

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