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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

W.C. Fields in a Roman Collar: Will the real Bishop Lynch Please Stand Up!

Bishop Lynch or WCF?
W.C. Fields or BL?
Bishop Robert Lynch blames Catholic for Orlando Massacre

Lynch is notorious for his homosexual proclivities, his enabling Terri Schiavo's murder, his suppression of Eucharistic Adoration in his diocese, and his steering millions in diocesan contracts to his buddies. And now he has the audacity to blame Catholics for a Muslim terrorist attack. The man has no shame!

That Lynch is retiring is a blessing, that he should have been removed as a wolf in sheep's clothing is obvious, that he will continue ministering in retirement is probable.

If I were in that diocese I would urge our adult children to keep our grandchildren as far away from him as possible. It appears to me that Lynch illustrates the same attitude toward people that Fields did when he said, "Never give a sucker an even break." To the Florida "shepherd," the people in the pews were just patsies providing him income to pay off lawsuits for homosexual predator priests whose activities he covered up and to keep him living in the style to which he'd become accustomed.

Good-bye, Bishop Lynch. Please have the decency to go quietly into the night where you might consider repenting of all the damage you've done to Holy Mother Church. You've embarrassed us long enough. (N.B. Apologies to W.C. Fields)


Catechist Kev said...

Good morning, Mary Ann.

Bp. Lynch's "banning" of Eucharistic Adoration (and his, ahem!, "reason" for not allowing it) is one reason we had the chapter titled "The Eucharist is not confected to be put into some baroque monstrance; it is confected to be eaten" in our book "The Language of Dissent."

I just could not fathom why a bishop of Holy Church would not allow this. So, we show what the Magisterium says on the matter. She says something a tad... um, *different* about Adoration.

Sadly, as you point out, Mary Ann - this seems to be a recurring theme from this bishop.

(Sorry for the shameless plug, Mary Ann! I just wanted you to know why we tackled the issue in our book)

God love you, Mary Ann!

Catechist Kev

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

My face is red, Kevin. I still haven't finished your book. I got sidetracked with Spring Sacraments, working on the newsletter, and other stuff. I'm only a third through it, but it's excellent and I will be giving it a big plug myself when I finish. I appreciate all the footnotes and references to Magisterial documents and the Fathers of the Church. So, readers, take a look at Kevin's book at Amazon. It's worth every penny.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

phil dunton said...

Shame on Pope John Paul 2 for ever appointing Lynch a bishop then not removing him when he was clearly unfit for the position.

Catechist Kev said...

Oh my goodness, Mary Ann.

No need for you to be red faced (uh, mine is! quite sunny today praying outside of the Bloomington, In. PP abortion killing facility... I *loathe* Kinsey).

Lookit, we have had more than a couple of bloggers who have helped us with our book. Take your time. You have *lots* of vocations the Lord has given you. :^)

BTW, have a looksee over at One Mad Mom's blog on the matter. (I *really* like her)

God love and bless you and yours, Mary Ann!

Catechist Kev