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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

After Cardinal McCarrick Will the Church in the U.S. Clean House?

I want transparency, fellas. Will all you
heterosexual U.S. bishops please raise your
 hands. You'll be easier to count.
New revelation surfaces about Cardinal McCarrick; editorials take church to task

I'm not particularly optimistic that housecleaning is on the U.S. bishops' to-do list. There is a long history of the bishops circling the wagons on a number of issues including defending dissent and supporting moral evils for the sake of government dollars. Oh what a god the Almighty Dollar is!

The bishops talk about protecting the children (The concern of those who covered up child sex abuse is a tad unbelievable don't you think?), but my cynical self wonders if they're really concerned about protecting themselves and the money. That's what VIRTUS is all about -- protecting diocesan asses assets.

If you go to the website for the VIRTUS mother company, you can see that it's an insurance company advertising that, "First and foremost, The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. (National Catholic) has an extremely well established track record of providing a highly effective and stable risk-transfer mechanism for Catholic dioceses, religious communities and institutions." Who do they "transfer" the "risk" to? Well, with VIRTUS, to volunteers and parents. But that's a side issue.

Theodore McCarrick wasn't the only "open secret" among homosexual bishops. Rembert Weakland was as well, before he outed himself and wrote a book about it, which amazingly won him praise from at least one of his brother bishops. (I can never trust that bishop again!) Canon lawyer Ed Peters, on the contrary, called for Rome to enforce canon law against Weakland's scandalous book which promotes homosexuality.

And then there's Bishop John Cummins who dissented from many Church teachings and was a constant promoter of sodomy as bishop of Oakland. Is he an active homosexual? I can't say, but his actions certainly don't reflect a man imitating the pure and virtuous St. Joseph, Father of the Universal Church.

In 2013 LifeSite News reported on a number of retired Catholic bishops and one sitting bishop who endorsed a Faith in Public Life report that attacked critics of the notorious CCHD collection (Catholic Campaign for Human Development). Jennifer Butler, the CEO of Faith in Public Life is along-time supporter of Planned Parenthood and a regular speaker at their annual "interfaith clergy breakfast." (One wonders what god pro-abortion clergy pray to. Moloch? Baal? Astarte? It certainly isn't the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph!) At any rate the LifeSite article named the bishops:
Weakland continues to promote
sodomy in retirement.
The opening pages of the report include a list of endorsing groups and individuals, including nine retired U.S. bishops and one sitting bishop (Bishop Kevin Dowling of Rustenberg, South Africa). The retired bishops listed are Archbishop Fiorenza, Bishop William S. Skylstad of Spokane, Bishop John S. Cummins of Oakland, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Bishop Ricardo Ramirez of Las Cruces, Bishop Peter Rosazza, Bishop Sylvester Ryan of Monterey, Bishop Joseph Sullivan, and Bishop John Leibrecht of Springfield-Cape Girardeau. Archbishop Fiorenza and Bishop Skylstad are both former presidents of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Many of the bishops backing the report are known for taking public positions against Catholic teaching.
  • Bishop Dowling is famous for his opposition to Church teaching on contraception and in 2010 he was rebuked by the Southern African Bishops' Conference after giving a talk that criticized the Vatican and Catholic teaching against the ordination of women.
  • Bishop Gumbleton, a well-known dissident in the U.S. Church, made headlines in April when he opposed his own bishop, Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit, after Vigneron defended the Church's opposition to same-sex "marriage" and urged Catholics who support the illicit unions to not approach for Communion.
  • Bishop Sullivan [who has since died] has been a speaker for the pro-homosexual New Ways Ministry, and has called for active homosexuals to be brought in to "full participation in the life of the church."
These bishops are notorious for their homosexual advocacy as well as dissent from Church teaching. How many are, in fact, homosexuals themselves. After all, "Birds of a feather flock together," as my mom often said. How many, like Cardinal McCarrick, have sexually harassed/abused seminarians or others in their dioceses or even children? How many have dipped into the till to pay for their lavish lifestyles or to pay off their special friends? Does anyone really believe that McCarrick is the exception? Two thirds of the bishops in the U.S. covered up the homosexual abuse problem. How many had personal reasons for doing so?

A number of bishops with their lavish life styles and homosexual promotion have widespread reputations as homosexuals. I pray that they will all be outed in the days ahead. The first thing to do when treating a cancer is to cut out the tumor. McCarrick may just turn out to be one of smaller ones.

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