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Friday, October 25, 2019

Bird Serial Killers

How many birds had to die
for this to be made?
I have an old high school friend who is a Marxist liberal which means we aren't really friends anymore because politics and religion interfere. (She loves Communism for other people. She herself owns 2 expensive properties - one in Virginia, one in California - and she jets back and forth across America to live in both of them for a few months at a time.) A few years ago she told me that she was trying to convince her daughter to abort her child because the doctor said something was wrong with it. I asked her: "Soooo? You're going to kill your own grandchild?" That was it! End of dinner. End of friendship. She literally blew up. 

Several months later at another dinner with a group of friends she was passing around her phone with pictures of her latest beautiful little perfectly formed, nothing wrong with her granddaughter. I cornered my friend after the dinner and said: "So there wasn't really anything wrong with your granddaughter at all, was there? Abortion for you is all talk and no walk. It's OK for other people to kill their children but you were never really going to do that yourself, right?" Thank goodness this woman is a bigoted, two-faced, all talk-no walk, fork tongued, spittle flecked weakling who never went through with her threat. Her granddaughter is gorgeous. 

It was this same woman who recently sent an article to me terribly upset that over 3 million birds have disappeared in the last 50 years. I replied that they were probably all killed by the thousands of windmills - wind turbines - that the Left put up to ruin the landscape in California and suggested she look underneath them to see the piles of dead birds. Being a typical non-thinking liberal this woman doesn't worry about the 70 million babies (in America alone) slaughtered by abortion in the last 50 years. She's more worried about birds. 

Which finally brings me to Bergoglio's Synod on the Amazon and feathered Indian headdresses. Head decoration. Every synod photo has a picture of an Indian in a headdress with tribal face paint. Therefore feathered headdresses must be approved by the Leftist media since not one of them has said a word about just exactly where those feathers come from. 

You realize, don't you, that those headdresses are made from dead birds...murdered birds. Once beautiful living birds, killed for the purpose of making ceremonial headdresses for supposedly still indigenous people wearing Western dress and carrying expensive iPhones with contracts. Seems a bit two-faced to me.

Murdered birds 
waiting to be plucked for their feathers

Where's the uproar from the Left? Where are media articles by journalists dramatically rending their garments because birds are killed for making headgear? For millinery. Why isn't Congress or the UN calling emergency meetings to tackle this problem? Is no one interested in stopping the premeditated murder of exotic birds for the singular purpose of ceremonial headdresses no one wears anymore unless they want to make money by holding weekend fetes for tourists? 

From American Indian war bonnets made from hundreds of Eagle feathers (new math word problem: if one Eagle has x amount of decorative feathers, over time how many Eagles were killed for head decoration if one bonnet with 200 feathers is multiplied by the number of war bonnets made by 15 tribes over 500 years?) and feathers from Hawks, Owls, or Turkeys to the brilliantly colored feathers of South American tribal headdresses made from Parrots, dazzling blue Cotingas, Macaws, Cockatoos, to Philippine headdresses made of feathers from Lories, Pheasants, Cassowarries, and the beautiful Bird-of-Paradise...the bird, not the plant...and on and on - from all of that - how many millions of feathers have been plucked from dead rare birds, murdered for headgear? Climate change is not the reason birds are supposedly disappearing. 

We all know about the Audubon Society and "saving the birds", but have they weighed in on indigenous feathered headdresses? Of course not. This is a Society founded on John James Audubon. He "had an affinity for birds", so he came to Florida and killed them, taking their "skins" back to Philadelphia where he stuffed them, put them in a "nature museum" then drew and painted them and became famous. Sounds like a bird serial killer to me.   

The indigenous must stop this primitive practice. These rare birds are becoming extinct, not to mention various birds which no longer exist and are gone forever just for the mere purpose of making a hat.

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