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Saturday, October 5, 2019

"Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Make Mad!" (Plus the Mad World of the Amazon Synod)

Shaman Isidoro Jajoy "blessing" participants
in pre-synodal meeting in Colombia
And there's plenty of mad in the Church these days! Also queer as in "strange, odd" (adjective) or "spoil, ruin" (verb). Here's the first:
Catholic School Hires “Queer” and “Non-Binary” Dance Teacher (Please Protest)
Nowadays it seems that "Catholic schools" and "scandal" often go together. (Think Jesuit colleges!) 

But then again so does "Catholic politician" and "scandal" in many cases. 
2020 Candidate Joe Biden Identifies as Catholic, But Breaks With Church Teaching
And, of course, there's "Catholic bishop" and "scandal." 
Ban on female priests not final word, says Amazon Synod organizer (Bishop Erwin Kräutler)
When the Amazon synod begins tomorrow, we will see "mad" on full display all dressed up in indigenous costumes. 

Perhaps a witch doctor will bless the opening meeting like shaman Isidoro Jajoy who participated in the pre-synodal meeting in Colombia and smoked the participants.

Maybe Pope Francis will check out his head gear closet for the appropriate chapeau to get into the spirit. And his stang would fit right in with the meeting. He could use it at the opening and closing Masses. If the shaman is coming, he can be the altar boy. I can just see him swinging the censer. 

Trying on your Halloween costume, Holy Father?
And isn't it appropriate that the synod takes place in October the month when the secular world dresses up for Halloween with all manner of ghosts (Cardinal Kasper), goblins (Bishop Krautler), and creepy crawlies galore! For us who still cling to the faith, it's the month of the Holy Rosary and the Battle of Lepanto when Catholic Europe was saved from Islam. The new Islamic invasion is supported by our pope who has made the "religion of humanity" an idol.

According to a missionary bishop from the Amazon, José Luis Azcona, the working document for the synod fails to address the real problems in the area. Catholic World Report quoted him extensively in, Amazon missionary bishop: Synod plans miss the real problems:
“Unfortunately, the synod doesn’t know, or knowing doesn’t understand, the significance, for the present and the future of the Amazon, of the faces of anguished, re-victimized and denigrated children, [abused] by their own parents and relatives, subjected to a slavery that forms an essential part of the abandoned and destroyed face of Jesus in the Amazon.” 
“This entire document is straw if it doesn’t understand or doesn’t commit to the spirit and letter of the Gospel: ‘He who receives a little one like this receives Me and he who receives Me, receives the Father who sent Me.” 
Image result for José Luis Azcona, t
Bishop José Luis Azcona
In that regard he continued, “in Pará alone in one year there were 25,000 reports of crimes of this kind [Editor’s note: pedophilia]. According to experts in this area, for every reported case of pedophilia there are four others besides. If during approximately one year there were 100,000 abused children in Pará, isn’t this face of destroyed children an essential part of the Amazonian face?” 
“Where is the pastoral sensitivity, so evident and so firmly expressed by the Holy Father  Francis, expressed by those responsible for the Instrumentum laboris?” Azcona asked. 
“Where is the defense of the Amazon, of its children, in the Instrumentum laboris, and, therefore, in the synod? Let’s stop these false projections about the Amazon, and instead make possible new paths for it.” 
“What is the Amazonian face? Can a synod next October of this magnitude be built with a presentation so far from reality, from identity, from respect for what is different, when pre-established schemes of interpretation of reality deform what is real?” he questioned.
Amen! Spoken like a prophet.

Meanwhile, those of us who still have Catholic minds and hearts need to be "telling our beads" and invoking the intercession of the apostles and martyrs, especially the missionary saints who gave their lives to spread the true faith. Contrast their zeal and holiness with the faux faith of the German church that is playing a major part in this synod. Their rebellion is obvious as advance their own revolution against the faith with their upcoming German synodal assembly. For them, the Amazon synod has nothing to do with the Amazon and everything to do with advancing the liberal agenda of married priests, women's ordination, liberation theology, and the acceptance and blessing of lust.

May God preserve us as we put on the full armor of God and join the battle! The big question I have is, "Does this pope want a schism to drive out the orthodox so he can do anything he wants to remake Christ's Church in the image of men like Fr. James Martin and the German heretic prelates?" I think it is a legitimate question.

For more on the synod read What does the Amazon Synod's Working Document Really Say and A Wise Child's Guide to the Amazon Synod.


Chriss Rainey said...

Susan inspired me to read Malachi Martin's book, The Jesuits. Found an inexpensive copy at

I read 1st 35 pages last night and found it riveting. I expected it to be a novel with made up characters but it is not, which is a pleasant surprise.

As George Patton saw fit to read Rommel's book, it is my advice that faithful Catholics should read this intelligent expose of Jesuits to know who is in the Vatican and what his end game is, if he can get away with it.

Surely God will hear our cries and rescue us.

Chriss Rainey said...

The answer to your last question/s is yes. He wants multiple schisms and he wants people who embrace capitalism---American Catholics destroyed. If that goal means driving us out with queers, so be it.

roseofsharon said...

Fr. Malachi Martin’s book, “The Jesuits: the Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church” is more relevant now than it was when first read in 1979.The chapter on George Tyrrell SJ was very telling. Malachi writes: “For Tyrrell maintained that there was no point in defending the Roman Catholic Church as the one true Church. A more glorious option was open to mankind. ‘To feel
the relation of fraternity between the various members of the religious family ...’ - Tyrrell had Christian as well as non-Christian religions
In mind - ‘ to be Catholic” for. ‘Modernism acknowledges among the religions of the world a certain unity in variety.’ (pp.277-78)
For Tyrrell, the true Catholic “believes in humanity; he believes in the world.”
Tyrrell was later dismissed from the Society of Jesus. He was denied access to the Sacraments.