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Thursday, October 10, 2019

It was a dark and stormy night in the Amazon

Remember Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon and his eternal quest to write a book beginning with Bulwer-Lytton's classic opening, It was a dark and stormy night? Bulwer-Lytton was a British author who wrote exceptionally bad prose, and the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest is an annual event asking entrants to compose the worst possible opening sentence to a novel by using atrocious prose with terrible strings of adjectives ranging in categories from general to western, science fiction, romance and so on. Now a new genre has been added - the Amazon. It's in the religion category under the subcategory of heresy

Book title - Feathers: The Current State of the Amazonian (Catholic) Church 
Heresy hung heavy over Rome like a dank dark cloud of doom dripping its poison to form one giant river of Amazonian theology that flowed unimpeded through the Church with tributary streams to the parishes, trickling down to the soul of each and every man, woman and child, therefore, despite the flood of new pagan rituals, parish tree plantings and idol worship, the loss of faith soared.

Book title (under the category of nihilism) - The Convoluted Drivel in Current Jesuit Programs 
Religion in the Amazon is about creating solutions and changing lives which is what is really true because it isn't about achieving; it's about who we are as we celebrate individuality by unity with the manifestation of expectation in the inclusive diversity of our lives, with our ultimate goal, after respectfully discussing the pros and cons, revealing nothing.

Book title - The Amazonian Mass Today: What Exactly Is It?
Bishop Bob raced into the worship space where he was soon to hold the liturgical festivities with the new woman priest who was to bless the pregnant Pachamama Fertility Goddess, when, as the celebrating presider at the table bringing the bread and wine of the Christ figure to the People of God, he was suddenly aware of something that the bishop of Rome had said, and wondered why Our Parent in Heaven would have us behave rather than live an alternative lifestyle, for after all, it was 2019 CE, and it was no more the times they were a changin' because the times had already changed and everyone was gay.

Book title (under the category of apocalyptic literature) - The Coming Storm
Since God frequently punishes sinful man by delivering him up to a reprobate sense and to the tyranny of the passions of his heart as a reward of his contempt of divine love, when the whole world shall renounce Christ and reject the authority of His Church then God's treatment of the world shall be like to that of individuals; He shall respond to its criminal desires, which stifles the love of those saving truths, and He will deliver the world up to the man of sin who shall consign it to the darkness of vice and Amazonian error since it rejected the light of truth and virtue - then Satan shall have universal sway for awhile over all nations.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Very funny

MyronM said...

The Great Whore makes herself makeup with lipsticks in increasingly provocative colors - she becomes repulsive. If the Roman Catholic church still remained a noble Mother, who would want to leave Her for the Kingdom of God, which is beyond our imagination? It is not easy to move into the unknown. In his mercy, Jesus Christ allows such a rapid decomposition of his crucified Mystical Body to save faith even among the elect and to force them to leave. Elected for what? For Império do Divino Espírito Santo, on this very earth.

Oct. 10, Virgen de la Soterraña, Olmedo, Valladolid, Castile and Léon

MyronM said...

Império do Divino Espírito Santo

I used the Portuguese title because it was in this country that Saint Elizabeth, the 'Peacemaker' Queen (+ 4 July 1336), a Franciscan tertiary, instilled the cult of the Holy Spirit ruling over the nations. For this reason, the Blessed Virgin, as the Queen of Peace, appeared in Portugal in 1917 to announce the coming of the age of the Holy Spirit and the rule of the Paraclete in the Kingdom of God.

Anonymous said...

That's right ABS , so is what happened to Fr John Gallagher!

Meanwhile other jungle juiced prelates have decided on some more sins.
Did you throw your plastic and or paper trash in the regular can or did you recycle???

Did you spit out your gum onto the ground???

Have you used plastic straws?

Did you dispose your cans in the proper bin?

Are YOU using WHITE toilet paper?

Are YOU burning leaves?

Do YOU joy ride?

Do You use reusable cloth bags for your groceries?

If you do not confess these sins you maybe going to Hell or at least Purgatory....

PS sodomy is fine ,especially with children or seminarians.Right Barbarito and ABS??

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Anonymous. ABS knows what happened at Holy Name because he has friends who are communicates there and there is not one of them who has a good thing to say about poor Father John Gallagher who is clearly mentally ill in addition to be a proven lair but we can be sure this is not the place to rehash the facts here.

It is true that ABS publicly defended Bishop Barbarito in this instance because a defense of him when if comes to Fr G. was warranted.

Your rhetorical dismount is as insane as the claim by Fr G that it was he who told the cops about the sodomite priest he personally brought to Holy Name.

He wasn't the one who told the cops. A family member of the boy did.


Anonymous said...

ABS........obviously YOU ignored the fact that Fr gallagher was praised by the both police and County sheriff along with their written letters to the Vatican attesting to his integrity. frankly I could care less that your Hispanic friends took offense that the priest did not glad hand them after Mass.
It is NOT a requirement for priests to do so ,so too bad!
Fr Gallagher advised the boy's family to report the priest showing him pornography and he also talked the offender into turning himself in.Same Indian priest admitted he abused in his former Indian Diocese and his Bishop knew it. Barbarito himself told the press in his previous Diocese of Olmstead that he did not believe in the pederast priests names being in the paper proven guilty or just accused .
Do your research instead of trying to instigate name calling and tensions with the Jewish people who live on Palm Beach as you described in your own disgusting and now defunct non 'catholic' blog.
I do not live that far from you in Wellington and because of your threatening tone I remain anonymous . However, Catholics who know you Fr John Gallagher and Barbarito know the score here.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore ABS , The Bishop you claim to be a truth teller knowingly used a pederast hx priest named in the PA Diocesan Sex Abuse Report, as a Supply priest on Palm Beach. He also knew what the Indian pederast priest was because resumes are forwarded with a transferring priest between Bishops.

Just for your own FYI .It is well known how priests have zero chance in any courts against their Bishops . Diocesan lawyers twist complaints the Judge feels his ruling will be interfering with the separation of Church and State This along with Statute of Limitations assures the Diocese they have an ace in the hole.If the Lawyers twist the complaint to be based on n internal decision of the Bishop involving employment or assignment of the priest bringing the complaint , no Judge will rule on what is presented as an internal religious institutional policy.
We have seen Catholic lawyers representing abused and harassed seminarians thwarted in court by Diocesan lawyers using these tactics.
Every seminarian or priest who has been sexually attacked and or harassed by fellow clerics should seek legal advice immediately and report the incident before the statute of limitations runs out or the Local Ordinary can mount a defense based on lies.

Anonymous said...

ABS never responds to the truth.