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Friday, September 25, 2009

Cardinal Mahony: The Catholic Faith is Above His Paygrade

Please, Lord, give us patience and fortitude in large supply -- we need them to tolerate Cardinal Roger Mahony's blather. In fact, the Cardinal is a living illustration of the Peter Principle: "In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence." Cardinal Mahony got there the day he was ordained, but unfortunately some nasty things tend to float to the top -- ever noticed the aurface of a stagnant pond?

For a Cardinal of the Church to say that whether to exclude child-killing from the health care bill is "way behind my field" is not only absolutely outrageous, it's downright satanic. And I use that word deliberately. Cardinal Mahony is a wolf in sheep's clothing who has spent years destroying the faith in Los Angeles. He should get the boot instead of courageous bishops like Joseph Martino. Mahony's legacy (besides enabling homosexual child abuse) is a cathedral that looks like a drive-in movie theatre an androgenous statue of the Mary that is a shameful representation of the Mother of God.

I'm going for a walk to pray to work off some frustration and pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for this wicked Cardinal. He reminds me of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in England, Henry VIII's chancellor. I hope on his deathbed (if not before) Cardinal Mahony has the humility to repent and repeat Wolsey's words, "If I had served my God as diligently as I did my king, He would not have given me over in my grey hairs."


OperationCounterstrike said...

Cardinal Mahoney
Is full of baloney.

Unknown said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy, huh? I have no great love of Cardinal Mahoney's "accomplishments" either, but we have to be careful about publicly lambasting one as "wicked" or a "wolf in sheep's clothing" is pretty over the top.

Mahoney did say that health care regulation is beyond his field, but when asked whether he thought abortion should be funded in a health care package, he gave a very clear, "No."

Of course, he added onto that (for reasons perhaps contained in the interview prior to the footage shown) "of course, that's what the President has said too." It is of course immensely unintelligent to take the President at his word on this matter. Unintelligent, but not as obviously wicked.

I cannot help but think that when we Catholics publicly attack our leaders, we give our enemies an excuse to do likewise, or else save them the trouble.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Handmaid's Son,

If I were basing my assessment of Cardinal Mahony on this one comment, you would be absolutely right. It would be uncharitable and an act of rash judgment. But Cardinal Mahony has a long track record of attacking the Church from the inside.

Mother Angelica went after him years ago for his pastoral letter on the Eucharist that undermined belief in the Real Presence. She was forced to apologize, but in the process reinforced her condemnation of his actions.

He's been enabling dissent in his diocese for his entire career. The annual West Coast Religious Education Conference (He has publicly stated he approves all the speakers.) is a dissent fest filled with pro-abortion, pro-gay, new age dissenters. I've written about these events for years in the Les Femmes newsletter (

Cardinal Mahony is no "leader" for the faith. Sadly, he has been working for the enemy from the inside like Judas for years.

So I stand by my original comments. Mahony is a fellow traveller of those who hate the Church. The state of the faith in his diocese gives testimony to his effectiveness at undermining the Church. That he's a wolf in sheep's clothing is a demonstrable fact. If the sheep don't know a wolf is a wolf they are more likely to be gobbled up by him, so warning them is an act of charity.

I urge readers to pray for Cardinal Mahony, but watch out for his fangs.

Anonymous said...

When living in the archdiocese of L.A., our master catechists taught against the virgin birth (I won't repeat what they said here), the real presence, and worked hard to break down our faith. The Religious Education Congress had similar speakers, but not all were bad. He would not be so beloved by so many if he upheld the teachings of the Church, but he may sincerely believe he is doing right. Which does not help those under his care, especially those abused, scandalized or misled.