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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One More Tea Party Racist, eh?

Lloyd Marcus could give Frank Sinatra a run for his money. But as a black conservative he doens't count. He's what liberals describe as oreos or Uncle Toms. Guess he's a racist as well since he opposes the president. Watch the video below for the touching story of one black man who's character shines through as well as the character of his faithful father who loved his family enough to get them out of the ghetto of public housing. Lloyd's story is dramatic and touching and reveals how racism really ends.

Liberals are the real racists. Their policies have destroyed the black family. Daniel Patrick Moynihan identified the problem in 1965 in what has come to be called The Moynihan Report. Without suggesting specific solutions, he clearly identified the problem:
Three centuries of injustice have brought about deep-seated structural distortions in the life of the Negro American. At this point, the present tangle of pathology is capable of perpetuating itself without assistance from the white world. The cycle can be broken only if these distortions are set right.

In a word, a national effort towards the problems of Negro Americans must be directed towards the question of family structure. The object should be to strengthen the Negro family so as to enable it to raise and support its members as do other families. After that, how this group of Americans chooses to run its affairs, take advantage of its opportunities, or fail to do so, is none of the nation's business.
The fundamental importance and urgency of restoring the Negro American Family structure has been evident for some time. E. Franklin Frazier put it most succinctly in 1950:
"As the result of family disorganization a large proportion of Negro children and youth have not undergone the socialization which only the family can provide. The disorganized families have failed to provide for their emotional needs and have not provided the discipline and habits which are necessary for personality development. Because the disorganized family has failed in its function as a socializing agency, it has handicapped the children in their relations to the institutions in the community. Moreover, family disorganization has been partially responsible for a large amount of juvenile delinquency and adult crime among Negroes. Since the widespread family disorganization among Negroes has resulted from the failure of the father to play the role in family life required by American society, the mitigation of this problem must await those changes in the Negro and American society which will enable the Negro father to play the role required of him."61

Nothing was done in response to Frazier's argument. Matters were left to take care of themselves, and as matters will, grew worse not better. The problem is now more serious, the obstacles greater. There is, however, a profound change for the better in one respect. The President has committed the nation to an all out effort to eliminate poverty wherever it exists, among whites or Negroes, and a militant, organized, and responsible Negro movement exists to join in that effort.
Such a national effort could be stated thus:

The policy of the United States is to bring the Negro American to full and equal sharing in the responsibilities and rewards of citizenship. To this end, the programs of the Federal government bearing on this objective shall be designed to have the effect, directly or indirectly, of enhancing the stability and resources of the Negro American family.

Moynihan saw the War on Poverty as a great opportunity. What happened instead? Welfare policies of the Johnson years, made it more profitable for black women to throw men out of the house because Uncle Sugar would pay more than their men could make. Teenagers who wanted out of the house could get benefits by having babies out of wedlock. Their little ones grew up without fathers and often without maternal supervision either. Gangs often take the place of families. The War on Poverty inflicted more damage on the black community which continues suffering from its effects to this day.

Lloyd Marcus was saved by a good father who did more for race relations than a hundred bills introduced in Congress.

It isn't the tea party conservatives who are racists and make race relations worse. It's liberal politicians who couldn't care less about minorities except when they can buy their votes on election day.

The Moynihan Report: 30 Years Later and Counting

The Moynihan Report

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