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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Abortion will Fail!

Every bigoted movement works untiringly to dehumanize its victims. Think of the words used to describe slaves, Jews, Chinese, Hispanics, etc. in order to treat them as second-class citizens. Killer movements like Planned Parenthood and their abortion allies go to great lengths to convince people that the infant in the womb is "just" an embryo, fetus, product of pregnancy, blob of cells, fertilized egg, mass of protoplasm, etc. As Msgr. William Smith often said, social engineering begins with verbal engineering. First use distorted language to butcher the truth, then use the suction machine to butcher the baby. When one points out that the word fetus is Latin for "young one" and that the fertilized egg contains the same genetic makeup as a full grown adult they simply repeat their lies and distortions with a louder voice. And they've had plenty of help from the mainstream media which is filled with liberals who are expert liars and always happy to oblige.

But you can only suppress the truth for so long. Ultrasound technology has put a human face on the "products of pregnancy" in the womb. When a ten week baby appears like a little gymnast rolling and tumbling in the amniotic sac his little arms and legs clearly visible, it's hard to characterize him as a blob of protoplasm. When the twelve week baby is smiling and yawning, she's obviously a little person already dependent on her mommy in a way only slightly different from the newborn. Yes ultrasound has put a human face on the baby.

However, there's another face to the pro-life movement as well: the survivors. Of course every baby conceived after Roe v. Wade is a survivor in one sense. But even more compelling are the actual survivors of attempted abortions. Think of the impact on the conversation of a young woman saying, "I understand what you're saying about a woman's right to choose, but my birth mother tried to kill me by a saline abortion and I survived. I'm grateful to be alive. Was I given a choice?"

Melissa Ohden of Sioux City, Iowa is one such witness. She survived a saline abortion in 1977 and now shares her story around the country.
Melissa's intent with her public speaking is to give a face and a voice to those children who experienced abortion, as she did, but did not survive.
"It's about being able to reflect what the true reality of what abortion is," she said. "We in the pro-life movement,talk about unborn children all the time, but we don't hear them. That's one reason the Lord saved my life, to talk about that, about my unborn brothers and sisters." (Read more here.)
More and more stories of abortion survivors are appearing in the news. Is it any wonder that young people are the most pro-life age group of all? Their peers have run the abortion gauntlet and they are the blessed ones, the chosen, those rescued "from being dragged to the slaughter."

Celebrate life today with a rosary of thanksgiving for all those saved from the abortionist's knife, particularly young people like Gianna Jessen, saline survivor; Melissa Ohden, saline survivor; Pam Stenzel, conceived by a rapist; Tim Tebow, whose mom was advised to abort; and all the others like them who survived a close encounter with the culture of death.

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Old Bob said...

Ultimately we will win. Thanks very much for posting that!