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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Personhood for the Unborn

The personhood movement is advancing all over the country. To see what's happening in your state go to Personhood USA. Here in Virginia, Delegate Bob Marshall has introduced HB 112 which recognizes all unborn children as persons with constitutional rights.  Unfortunately, the bill is not being supported by the Virginia Catholic Conference or the Virginia Family Foundation, presumably because they believe a court test would not be upheld. But the fact is, that there could not be a better time for personhood bills. Chief Justice John Roberts made it clear in the recent decision on campaign financing that the court is not a slave to precedents based on flawed interpretations. Roe v. Wade is a perfect example of a court legislating rather than interpreting the Constitution.

We've been using the incremental approach now for almost 40 years. It isn't working as the video below argues. It's time for personhood! If you live in Virginia contact the members of the Courts of Justice subcommittee and ask them to support HB 112. If you go to the subcommittee page you can get their contact information by clicking on their names. Please help get this bill out of subcommittee. It's time for  personhood for our unborn brothers and sisters. Don't let them continue to be our 21st century Dred Scotts, considered less than persons and suction fodder for the abortionists. If you live in another state visit the personhood website linked at my blog and check out what's happening in your state. If nothing is, maybe you can be the catalyst to start something. Remember, all politics is local and we can be salt, light and yeast in our state and county governments.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this I believe is the only way to go, for the RvW deal says that if personhood were established, that would end the issue. For that we pray! god bless you.


Anonymous said...

See Ronald Reagan's proclamation:

Anonymous said...

Perfect Mary Ann,

Why fight a million fires when all you need to do is fight one. Sadly, fund raising trumps. That's why I've always been for a Human Life Ammendment.


Anonymous said...

Incrementation is an ally of the enemy.

Unknown said...

Rep. Duncan Hunter of El Cajon, CA, has been regularly introducing such a bill in the U. S. House for years. It never went anywhere. But now that polls are indicating pro-lifers are in the majority, the cowards in Congress may be more willing to consider such a thing.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. I was involved in starting right to life of Kansas
before even Roe vs. Wade Colorado (state) had already legalized abortion so we started our own state organization in anticipation...that "personhood" is all we ever went after and we were almost there on the state level when Roe vs Wade devesated all the state efforts.