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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Warning: the sicko Super Bowl ad turned down by CBS

A lot of angry liberals are screaming the past few weeks over the "unfairness" of CBS agreeing to air the Tebow ad, but refusing the homosexual ad. After viewing the homosexual ad (below), I applaud CBS for not offending families with this piece of trash. How would you like to be sitting there with a roomful of children and have it pop up on the screen? The group promoting it is "mancrunch" but if it were a cereal it would more likely boast a name like Puppy Puffs. (Now that I think of it, I'll bet the homosexual obsession with body building is explained by the desire to at least look like men.)

There's nothing manly about lust, homosexual or heterosexual. The sex-oriented advertising on the Super Bowl has been awful for a long time. Not being a football fan, I generally don't watch except for the company. Several years ago I was so sickened by the ads (and the halftime show) I left the room to play with the children who fortunately weren't interested in the game.

I'll be watching the Super Bowl today for only TWO reasons: Tim Tebow and his mom, Pam. 

Take notes during the Super Bowl. Be sure to thank CBS for running the Tebow ad and for refusing to air the inappropriate homosexual ad. And contact the companies that use lewdness and vulgarity to sell their products. It's high time they paid a price in lost revenue for offending potential customers.

And if you're a parent, keep your trigger finger on the remote and your eye on the screen to censor the poison before your children are exposed to it. And that goes double for teenagers! It would be good to talk about it before the game starts. Imprinting lewd images in the imagination fills the devils workshop with the tools of temptation.

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