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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do You Feel Sorry for this Climategate Fraud?

I thought of killing myself, says climate scandal professor Phil Jones

After reading the above article I had to scratch my head. Why would the press run it? What's the news? That Professor Jones is suffering from depression? And that he stands by his fraudulent work 100%? Does the public really care? And did Professor Jones really get death threats? After all, he and his pals lied about scientific data. Might he not also lie to arouse the sympathy of the world? And is the media an enabler? Poor Professor Jones, victim of those big bad global warming deniers.

Of course, it's possible he got death threats. I have no doubt that people can be brutal. I have a file full of personal hate mail including several anonymous letters that could be perceived as threatening. I tend to shrug. Anonymous hatemongers are such cowards, I doubt they're much threat.

But why should we feel sorry for Jones anyway. After all, these guys rejoiced in their emails over the death of a scientist who was a global warming skeptic. And they colluded to make sure that those scientists outside their club would never be published in the peer reviewed journals they controlled and even those they didn't. Couldn't let any facts that contradict their lies see the light, could they?

I hope readers will pray for Jones and all the liars with Ph.D.s after their names. He would have no trouble sleeping at night if he repented of his actions, humbly apologized, and made a firm purpose of amendment henceforth to be an honest man. Is that so hard?

But I'm glad he has a five-year-old granddaughter to give him a reason to live. He should reflect on the example his actions have given her and resolve to offer her a better one in the future.

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"I doubt they're much threat."

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