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Friday, January 20, 2017

Diamond and Silk to John Lewis (And a Message from Me about the Bolshevik Protesters)

These ladies make me laugh. Wouldn't it be fun to go out with them to the local brewery. Hey, ladies, the brews are on me! We can all drink to Donald Trump and say a few prayers for him as well and for the conversion of the liberal cabal who can take credit for the violent protests in D.C. today.

It's what Bolsheviks do and that, friends, is what they are. Look at history. The liberals provoked mobs (useful idiots) during the French Revolution to destroy the government and guillotine not only the royalty but the religious and ordinary people who dared to oppose them including shopkeepers.

The Bolsheviks fomented revolution  in Russia in 1917 using the mobs, (again, useful idiots) to overthrow the nobility and demonize middle class workers who were most successful (bourgeoisie). The mobs' reward? Poverty, long lines for basics, closing of the churches, persecution, and oppression.

The Fascists in Germany used the mobs (once more, useful idiots) to attack Jewish businesses and scapegoat them for every problem in Germany.

The M.O. is always the same. Defame your opponent and stir up the mobs. Hey, history shows it works. Unfortunately for the mob, once they accomplish the agenda they are expendable.

They call Donald Trump a fascist, but it is the actions of these Bolsheviks that are the fingerprint of radical movements and tyranny. We don't need to be afraid of Donald Trump. We do need to call out the anarchists in our midst being stirred up by liberals like Obama, the most divisive president in my lifetime with the backing of globalists like George Soros and his elitist buddies. Eight years of Obama with his race-baiting and class war prepared the mobs for today.

Check out the violence and pray for America. We can expect more of this in the days ahead:

At the "Deploraball."

Protests turn violent (also linked above)

Police trying to take back the streets - vandalism, rioting that sent two officers to the hospital, rock-throwing, etc.

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elpine flower said...

They are biological sisters and hairdressers. They must be an entertaining treat for the clientele who go there to have their hair done . I bet they have a good time in that salon!