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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fr. Tom Comments on the "Fresh Air of Competence" in Washington

The White Rose were a group of students in Munich
who fought the atrocities against innocent human life
in the Third Reich. Captured and executed, they are a
shining example of courageous young people fighting evil!
During the campaign I often commented that Trump reminded me of the Persian King Cyrus. Cyrus allowed the Israelites to return from the Babylonian captivity and provided what they needed to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. He was a pagan, but a friend to the people of God. Will Trump be the same? I pray so and am encouraged by his early decisions.

We have seen in the first days of Trump's presidency the reinstatement of the Mexico City policy banning funding for international abortions. He has initiated plans to reduce the size of the bloated federal government that devastates lives through its mindless educational, housing, and environmental polices among others. He is taking action on his pledge to make America safe again by attacks on ISIS that will reduce their ability to wreak havoc in our country and on the world. He has removed the United States from TPP, an American job killer. Oh, and last night the House of Representatives passed a bill to permanently ban taxpayer funding for abortion. The bill passed with every Republican and three Democrats voting for it according to House Speaker Paul Ryan. To those pro-lifers who said it didn't matter who won, do you think that would have happened under President Hillary Clinton? It's a new world out there, folks. As Fr. Tom writes in the article below, Trump is, indeed, a "fresh air of competence." Pray for him. 

by Fr. Tom Collins

After eight years of arrogant incompetence and the tyranny of perversion, we are finally getting a chance to breathe the fresh air of competence, common sense and common decency, all of which have been consigned by secular progressives to the level of “hate crimes” over the past several decades.

The secularist “social justice” agenda, embraced at great expense to our nation, even by so many of our clergy, has doubled the national debt, increased inner city violence, deepened racial animosity, fostered the flooding of our nation with drugs, criminals, jihadists and sexual perverts, ridiculed Christianity and those who take all of Christ’s precepts seriously, destroyed families, butchered millions of pre-born babies, left millions of our youth in debt with no reasonable hope for a decent job, consigned millions to excruciating chronic pain due to fears that they may become drug abusers, categorized rape and domestic violence by Moslems or by those who have illegally infiltrated into our nation as merely cultural issues, promoted the degeneration of our language to the point where blasphemy, slander, profanity and obscenities have become culturally de rigueur, and left our educational system graduating students full of criticism, but lacking the discernment skills required to do critical thinking.

Is it any wonder that such a capitulation is leading to millions abandoning the Faith of the Church, many of whose leaders have in so many ways become so enamored with secularist “Gospel principles” that they are hesitant to assert the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life?

Instead of being reverenced as our Master, He is relegated to being merely a mascot for their secularist “social justice” agenda. And His clear moral teachings have been consigned, even by many Church leaders, to the position of being merely a spiritualized Rorschach test – especially when such teachings assert the importance of marital fidelity, chastity, modesty and respect for the sacredness
of human life and human sexuality.

May God grant Trump and his assistants the wisdom, strength, stamina and resilience to overcome the tsunami of resentments, profanity, slander, arrogance and perversions that are coming from the “tolerant” adherents and allies of the secularist progressive “social justice” agenda.

In Christ,

Fr. Tom

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Catechist Kev said...

To Fr. Tom:

One *huge* round of applause for that. :^)

Well said.

Catechist Kev