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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just Caught Chris Matthews on MSNBC -- What a Clod!

Is this where Chris Matthews was raised?
As I was channel surfing and looking at TV coverage last night, I caught a comment by Chris Matthews on MSNBC. I stopped on the channel (I certainly wouldn't normally do that.) because they were showing Trump in the oval office signing his first few documents. Then, to my total disgust Matthews says something to the effect that it's probably the first time "THAT GUY" has ever been in a government building. "THAT GUY?" Really?

His rude comment said nothing about Trump, but said volumes about Matthews who is a discourteous, ill-mannered clod who apparently never had a mother to teach him basic good manners. Can you imagine Brit Hume or Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham referring to President Obama as "THAT GUY?"

Matthews needs a trip to the woodshed. I hope Trump excludes MSNBC from his press conferences. They don't deserve a seat at the table or even a spot in the back of the room next to the bathroom. Hillary Clinton had the courtesy to attend the inauguration and smile her way through it. Even Michelle Obama, who often scowls at political opponents, had the grace to smile and chat with folks of both parties. But Matthews showed himself to be a bloviating clod! Why anyone would ever watch or listen to him is beyond me.

Despite Matthews I've enjoyed the day and he can't spoil it. I've been watching inaugural coverage since 11:30 and loved the President's speech. I was especially thrilled to see him take the political class to task for putting their own interests ahead of the American people. Face it, folks, both parties do it. The Democrats are evil with an agenda of exclusion. Among the excluded: babies in the womb, pro-life Americans, people of faith, those who stand for traditional morality and the Ten Commandments, conservatives, etc. But the establishment Republicans aren't much better and seem to care about nothing but keeping their seats in the next election and lining their pockets. They gave birth to the Tea Party for whom they feel contempt. They need a swift kick out the door.

I especially enjoyed the parade too with so many real Americans participating from the schools and military groups to farmers on tractors. Go America! Is anybody missing the crybaby elitists from Hollywood and New York who boycotted the inaugural. Not me! The absence of their arrogance was refreshing!

And Trump's family? What a good looking bunch. Melania Trump was stunning. No wonder she was being compared to Jackie Kennedy. I doubt we'll see her getting off Air Force one in cutoffs and a tank top.

So congratulations Mr. President. I'll be praying that you can do those things you promised. Secure our borders and put America first. Create an environment that helps families beginning with the babies in the womb.

God bless America!


Mark Docherty said...


M.T. said...

So well said!!!! Amen amen amen to all that you have said and my humble prayers for ALL those who are participating in the march today.....May the Holy Spirit open their hearts to the TRUTH, JESUS CHRIST.

Anonymous said... A great prayer which many said on election night and since. Let's pray for the First Family every day from now on.

Praypraypray said...

Thank you for your Great post! Yes. Let's all pray for Trump & Pence & their families & for the Presidency & Vice Presidency & for America & for conversions! Thank you. :)