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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

From the Remnant: The Fraud of Feminism and their Hate-on for Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway: Feminism's Nightmare

She's a mom, a Catholic, and a daily Communicant AND she's a top adviser to President Donald Trump. Let's hear it for this amazing woman because you sure won't hear it from the feminists who hate religion especially the Catholic Church and hate women who refuse to deny their femininity and their motherhood. If you want to be loved by the feminists you need to be a champion of child-killing and preferably a lesbian.

But real women recognize the amazing abilities of this woman who shattered the glass ceiling and will no doubt continue to do so in the years ahead. Kellyanne for president in 2024! God bless her! 


Catherine Hawthorn said...

It's beautiful to see a woman of God going into politics, and as an advisor to boot. Let us hope that she can give a good example of the lost art of feminine influence for generations to come.

Laura Cameron said...

And she is a Trinity girl.

I am shocked - shocked - that the Trinity website features Pelosi and Sibelius as graduates who are "glass ceiling breakers", but there's no mention of Conway.

(Just kidding, I'm not really shocked.) I subscribe to the Remnant, but noticed that their article did not mention that she also graduated from Trinity.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

It's amazing she managed to keep her faith! Although, after a brief interlude, I returned with a determination to fight scandalous "teaching" like what I received at Trinity. I'm not surprised that poor excuse for a Catholic school isn't featuring her. No doubt they see her support for Trump as a betrayal and a failure in brainwashing. She should have turned out a pro-abort liberal like so many of their other grads.

elpine flower said...

Read her Bio and was glad to see she was from my neck of the woods and credited picking blueberries on a farm during the summer months to really teaching her a work ethic ."The more you picked, the more money you made."
She even won a blueberry packer award !
A smart lady who can rationalize any liberal feminist right down to size simply with the weapon of common sense.
She is not afraid to say she is a woman of Faith either.......Catholic ,that is.

Aussietomt said...

Mary Ann,
I apologise for not responding to the topic, although I am overjoyed about the Kellyanne story.
I was just wondering if you saw the Rorate-Caeli site today about their visitor numbers. The one thing that hit me straight away was...where is Germany in the poll figures? They do not figure in either English or foreign language, which you will agree speaks volumes of the Church in that country.
Ever so sad , however, not surprising when we see the outspoken Cardinals championing all degrees of heresy.
Just thought you might like to add some thoughts on your blog which I have recommended to many of my friends here in Australia.
Speaking of did we go in the poll....pretty good I reckon.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for pointing me to the Rorate site. I'm happy to say that Virginia was also well represented. I'm not surprised. Our diocese has many orthodox priests and laity who would value the information at the Rorate site.

And thank you for recommending my blog. I'm always humbled by the kind comments of visitors who find it of value. Please pray for me that only what pleases Christ and His Mother will come out of my keyboard.

Aussietomt said...

Oops,sorry Mary Ann,

Looks like I owe Germany an apology as they are actually on the final list at number 6.

rohrbachs said...

Before sainting Conway look at how much damage she did to Todd Akins campaign by comparing him to David Koresh. And she was supposed to be his advisor.

She was an operative for neocon Gingrich in past. NRLC praise is easily purchased by incrementalists. Trumps scotus list has been criticized as not so prolife as one would want by Andy Schlafly. Count me as one who will wait and see. We've been burned by the Bushes and really by Reagan too, to be honest. All we've got to show from forty years of incrementalism is a January parade and then we go back to sleep for another year.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann,

Just wondering if Trinity was liberal at the time when you attended also?

Love Kellyanne, but would love to know more details about her history in the pro-life movement. It is said some that she has a history there, but it is never said just WHAT THAT WAS. For example, was she a sidewalk counselor in the past, and, if not, what did her involvement in the movement consist of? I have tried to look this up, but have found no info.