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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Questions for Double-Standard Liberal Hypocrites

Liberals couldn't care less about
 Tonya Reeves killed by Planned
Parenthood in a botched abortion. 
How come it's not okay for Christians to refuse services that force them to participate in events they consider immoral (e.g., same sex "weddings") but it's okay   for liberals to refuse services for events they consider immoral (e.g., Trump's inauguration)?

How come liberals are "pro-choice" to justify killing innocent unborn babies but are "anti-choice" about capital punishment which involves executing guilty murderers, even serial killers.

How come it's not okay for a white actor, Joseph Fiennes to portray a black celebrity (who spent buckets of money making himself look white), but it's okay for Broadway to portray our white Founding Fathers (Hamilton) with an all black cast and send out a casting call for the road show saying no whites need apply? Are whites "crackers" banned from the black-only lunch counter?

How come liberals only care about blacks when they're killed by whites, but ignore the massive problem of black on black crime?

How come when the ice cap is melting it's global warming but when it's growing it's still global warming (redefined as "climate change")?

And how come liberals do everything they can to destroy the family when it's clear that the collapse of the family contributes to youth violence?

How come cops are labeled racists if they kill black criminals even when the cops involved are black?

How come liberals had no problem with Obama's middle name "Hussein" (a tyrannical terrorist) but are making a big deal out of Jeff Sessions middle name "Beauregard" (a Confederate general)?

How come the media promotes the lies of Democrats accusing conservatives of hate with absolutely NO proof? Case in evidence -- liar John Lewis saying the tea party demonstrators spit on him and shoulted racial slurs. There's absolutely NO evidence this was true, but it served the liberal attack on the tea party. When Breitbart offered $10,000 to the Negro fund for evidence, not one iota appeared despite the fact that anybody with a cell phone is a videographer today.

How come writing "Trump 2016" in chalk on the sidewalk is an act of violence that gets buckets of ink in the media, but death threats against conservatives are completely ignored? How many know that the conservative group Freedom Watch had to move to a high security building because they received so many death threats?

Of course, the answer to all these questions is easy. Liberals are Bolsheviks who believe the end justifies the means. They care about power and will do whatever they need to do to stay in power: lie, commit character assassination (if not real assassination), hire bullies to create a false narrative, etc. And, like the Bolsheviks, they are experts at convincing the gullible mob to join in their lynching of the truth. Since power and control are their goal events only matter if they can be used to advance the cause. That's why leaders of groups like Black Lives Matter only care about the black person whose death or mistreatment will get the coverage they lust for. They couldn't care less about the genocide of blacks through abortion or the death of black women at the hands of abortionists at Planned Parenthood. Their liberal allies are partners in their crimes. As for the phrase "liberal liars" -- well --that is simply redundant.

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