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Friday, November 26, 2010

Archbishop Dolan talks about God...him or her or whatever?

When a Catholic archbishop, the head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in fact, speaks about God, wouldn't you expect a little respect. Oh, and maybe an unapologetic affirmation of our faith in Jesus Christ? Do you really expect an archbishop to echo a teenager's mantra of "whatever? But that's what Archbishop Dolan did in an interview on Fox and Friends right before Thanksgiving. Speaking about thanking God he said, "some call him or her, whatever you want, somebody beyond us." Good grief!  I expected it of Queen Elizabeth when she said recently that the "wellbeing and prosperity of the nation depend on the contribution of individuals and groups of all faiths and of none." W But is it too much to expect a Catholic Archbishop to a Catholic archbishop? Watch it for yourself:

Too many bishops make the Catholic faith a laughing stock. It is hard to see in them the shadow of the priest martyrs who died on the hills of Rome or at Tyburn or in Russia's gulags or in the jailyards of Spain and Mexico. Can you see in Archbishop Dolan's interview the Catholic priests at Auschwitz and Dachau laying down their lives for others?  All I can see is a jovial Irishman who wants everyone to like him. With the faith under fire we need men like St. Thomas More and Bishop John Fisher who were willing to stand up to a king. Sadly, I can't even see Archbishop Dolan standing up to Governor Paterson or Mayor Bloomberg except to shake hands, share a joke, and sit down to a fine supper with liquor and laughter. God help us! Pray for him and all the bishops of the United States.

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Anonymous said...

So very true. Archbishop Dolan has done and said so many questionable things...and yet there are so very many who continue to be deceived. He is not the picture of orthodoxy. Far from it. If only people would open their eyes and ears. The stakes are too high for someone like Dolan to be playing fast and loose with our Faith. Let's pray he does not become Cardinal.