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Friday, November 26, 2010

Jesuits at Georgetown Considering "Gender Blind" Housing

Now we all know that Jesuits have a hard time speaking ordinary English since they adopted the language of political correctness, so you may be confused at the phrase "gender blind" housing. Let me translate for you. It means putting students together regardless of sex.* So a pretty 18-year-old Freshman girl could pair up with her 18-year-old boyfriend. Or two self-idenfied LGBT students could room together. What a thought! And for this, parents spend almost $40,000 a year plus room and board? Here's what the Newman Society is reporting:
According to The Hoya, Jesuit Georgetown University’s student newspaper, officials at the University have said they are willing to broach the topic of “gender-blind housing,” which would “not take into account gender when assigning housing to students.”

This past Sunday, Georgetown student senators voted to “take a closer look” at this suggestion for on-campus housing, the article reported, which “could lead to a more accepting atmosphere for LGBTQ students.”

Regarding the proposal, Todd Olsen, Vice President for Student Affairs, reportedly told The Hoya, “I am open to discussing ideas and interests with students as they pursue this dialogue.”
Georgetown should be stripped of its Catholic identity. It is actually less Catholic than most secular univesities. I suspect Fulton Sheen was thinking of Georgetown when he said parents should send their children to secular schools where they would have to fight for the faith rather than so-called Catholic schools where their faith would be taken from them. There are plenty of those around these days. And their graduates are exiting the Church in droves. Jesuit schools are especially adept at destroying the faith. Congrats, guys!

*I refuse to use the term "gender" which traditionally is used in grammar to identify masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns to determine the form of adjectives. For example, the the French word for window, fenetre, is feminine taking the feminine article "la" vs. the masculine "le". 

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Anonymous said... keep the fractional, homosexual part of the student body comfortable, let's rip up the rest of the campus. Hey, if it's good for 1, then the 99 just have to adapt