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Sunday, November 21, 2010

What Did the Pope Really Say about Condoms and What Did He Mean?

The media is great at taking comments by Church leaders and sensationalizing them. Now, I confess that when I heard the initial reports about the pope's statement on condoms I was shocked and wondered if he really said it. Now I'm just scratching my head and thinking that this is one of those thoughts that would have been better left unsaid because it obviously will be distorted and twisted and turned into a renewed debate on distributing condoms in Africa.

Certainly, a gay prostitute is not using a condom for birth control so that is simply irrelevant. On the other hand, homosexual sex is unnatural, degrading, and mortally sinful. Can using a condom out of concern for transmitting AIDS make it less sinful? I think I understand the point that it might signal an awakening sense in the sinner of concern for the partner in sin; but what kind of concern is it when one is in the act of buggery?

What times we live in! I'd rather debate how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. At least the thought of dancing angels is lovely.

On her page at Renew America, Jenn Giroux has a column by Prof. Janet Smith on the subject. Check it out and see what you think. I'd be interested in your thoughts because I'm still scratching my head.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I just posted because I think I get it. You wrote, "I think I understand the point that it might signal an awakening sense in the sinner of concern for the partner in sin; but what kind of concern is it when one is in the act of buggery"
Perhaps there's more than just concern for the partner; perhaps there might also be uneasiness with the buggery itself. I think the Pope realizes that not all conversions are instantaneous - they can happen over time and have manifestations along the way. The abortionist I alluded to is Carol Everett (I now realize I could have used her name, as she did write a book on her story). She didn't divest herself of her mills immediately, but eventually she did - without justifying the abortions that occurred while she was wrestling in her conscience.

Anonymous said...

Could this be a sign of senility?

Brantigny said...

My Theology teacher once told me that it is impossible to make an immoral decision moral.

I am afraid that this will be tken wrong because the popes words will be twisted until they bear no semblance to what he did say...