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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Miracle Story for Sunday: Son of Martyred Missionary Builds "Flying Car"

Steve Saint's dad, Nate, and some brother missionaries were killed in the wilds of Ecuador in 1956 by a tribe of natives they were trying to befriend. Steve's aunt continued the missionary work and Steve lived there from the age of five until he left to go to college in the United States. Later, the  Waodani asked him to return and he did with his wife and teenage children. Steve saw the need for a vehicle that could access remote parts of the country that were inaccesible by traditional transportation. He hopes to sell the flying car on the commercial market in order to finance its main use, "to access places where there are no doctors, there are no nurses, there's no hospital."  The Waodani call Steve's car the "wood-bee thing" and want to learn to fly so they can help their own people. Pray for the success of this wonderful invention that opens up a whole new world to people living in the remotest locations on earth. For more on this story go here.

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